About Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has a very unique history. It was founded in 1837 when it became the very end of the Western and Atlantic Railroad. The great city was first named after the governor’s daughter. Marthasville did not change its name until 1845. That is when she became known as Atlanta, which is the feminine version of Atlantic. The name stemmed from becoming a significant railroad city that started growing as soon as the war ended. It became a railroad hub for the south. It was an important part of the Civil Rights Movement, as well.

Atlanta is the fourth fastest-growing city in America

Atlanta is the fourth fastest-growing city located in America. It was recorded in 2010 to have right under 500,000 residents living there. It has been said that it will grow three times this size in about thirty years or so. The suburbs continue to grow and help improve the population. Atlanta is a bustling city with many great jobs in various areas to ensure that everyone will have a chance of having a great life there. 

The traffic can be a bit hectic at times. It is expected when the city is growing so quickly, and the need for construction is so high. The cost of living is lower than the national average of 1%, even though Georgia is well-known for being the best state to do business. The real estate prices are relatively low compared to some of the states to the north.

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