All You Need To Know About 4th Ward Park in Charlotte, NC

Fourth Ward Park in Charlotte, North Carolina is a four-acre park and nature preserve at 301 South Poplar Street in Charlotte, NC. It includes a children’s play area, walking paths, and a wide array of architectural features that attract the attention of visitors and residents alike. The majority of the park is located on a triangular plot of land bounded by a chain-link fence on three sides and has a paved basketball court, tennis courts, and playground on the other two sides. The park sits above a public parking lot and has entrances facing Poplar Street. Fourth Ward is also home to an interpretive center, a community center, a church, and a library. More can be found here.

The overall design of Fourth Ward Park in Charlotte, NC was designed by architect Paul Diller. Diller created a “town square” style that emphasizes the open space with the park’s main attractions and activities. Most of the park’s entrance faces West Raleigh Avenue and is surrounded by a brick wall. On the southern side of the park are stone steps leading up to a fenced-in picnic area. The walkway is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. The entrance of the children’s playground is located between the basketball courts. Learn more about The Evergreen Nature Preserves in Charlotte, NC – Be One With Nature.

The park has an elevated pedestrian walkway running along the north end of the playground. The walkway has two benches, a trash receptacle, and is wheelchair accessible. Inside the picnic area, the picnic tables are situated on concrete pads. On the south side of the picnic area, the picnic tables are placed on an island surrounded by a wall of brick and topped with a raised, concrete seating. The tables offer several choices for seating. To the east of the picnic area is the playground. The playground is separated from the picnic area by a stone bridge and has swings and slides. Protection Status