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MINNEAPOLIS Apartment Building Water Damage

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Causes of Apartment Building Water Damage

Property Managers and Property Owner’s have a lot of responsibilities to manage in order to provide a quality living environment for their tenants. Water damage is an unexpected event that can occur and wreak havoc on multiple units at the same time. Managing tenant happiness with a mitigation dry out can become very difficult. It’s important to hire a qualified restoration professional that has experience working with large losses & multiple parties.

Some of the main causes of water damage in apartment buildings that we see for Minneapolis Apartment Building Water Damage are:

  • Broken Sprinkler lines can pour a high volume of water in a short time period
  • Overflowing toilets can damage multiple units
  • Overflowing showers, bathtubs, dishwashers, and washing machines can damage multiple units
  • Ice Dams and Damaged roofing can cause leaks into the units below
  • Water supply lines to toilets, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and faucets can break
  • Aquariums can break and lose a lot of water in a short time period
  • Disgruntled tenants and vandalism can cause damage to units
  • Storm damage including hurricanes and storm surges
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Sewer or Sewage Backups due to broken sewer lines

Who to hire for Minneapolis Apartment Building Water Damage?

This could quite literally be a million dollar question. First, you should ask if your restoration professional has mitigated a large loss before. Second, you should ask if they have commercial construction experience. Third, you should ask how much equipment they have ready to deploy. Fourth, you should ask how many crew members the have staffed. Fifth, you should ask if the perform reconstruction or rebuild services. Lastly, you should ask if the are IICRC certified.

There may not be a more important time to have an experienced crew ready to mitigate your property. A restoration professional with commercial construction experience and that has performed large loss mitigation before understands the complexity immediately. Commercial construction differs greatly from building to building, but even more so from residential construction. Proper mitigation ensures that inspections are done on each unit that could be affected. Additionally, hiring a professional with the correct equipment quantity and staff size is imperative to not only minimize secondary damage, but also decrease the time period that mitigation occurs. Finally, a firm that can reconstruct the damage is imperative because they understand how/why the water damage occurred and can properly work with your insurance. Proper certification from the IICRC will help comfort you knowing your Minneapolis Apartment Building Water Damage will be properly mitigated.

Why Service Restoration for Water Damage?

Service Restoration was founded with commercial construction experience. We understand the complexities involved in the construction process, which means we understand where the water can go, where we need to dry, and what we need to do to rebuild your property. Check out our apps on the Google Play and Apple App store to set up your Quick Action Plan now!

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