Art and Culture in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is a diverse and metropolitan community. With people from different parts of the world influencing how everyone lives in this city, co-existence becomes inescapable. In short, this place is a rich tapestry of diverse cultures. Some of the common groups of people that influence the culture here will include the Scandinavian, Somali, Hmong, and Native Americans. 

Multiple Cultural Options

If you are to talk about art, both performing and visual arts thrive in Minneapolis. If you a student of history or art, multiple museums will be at your disposal. The Minneapolis Institute of Art would be the right place for you to start. This place is home to contemporary and modern stuff. You could also consider the Weisman Art Museum if you are looking for free admission. 

On the other hand, theatrical performances will catch your eye. From the Pence Opera House, the Lyceum, and the Academy of Music to the Grand Opera House, Minneapolis boasts variety. These opera houses provide you the right place to follow and even appreciate performing arts and theater. Let today be your first day in this beautiful city—a city of elegance!

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