Atlanta: Olympic and World City

There is one city that has been rising since it was created. Atlanta has many different global business headquarters and financial institutions that are located in the metro area. It has several diverse global businesses and other dealings that make it an international hub for the south.

Where does Atlanta stand on the global city list?

Out of all of the global cities, Atlanta made the top 25 list. It is the 20th world city on the list. It will continue to grow and bring more businesses and jobs to the city. This city is one of the most diverse in race, religion, ethnicities, and more. It is the picture of what America is supposed to be. 

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Was Atlanta home to the Olympics?

Atlanta held the international Summer Olympics in 1996. President Bill Clinton opened it up. The Summer Olympics opened on July 19. There was a destructive pipe bomb attack on July 27 that injured around 111 people. It was responsible for the deaths of 2 innocent people. Atlanta is full of history and all kinds of information to explore.

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