Belmont, North Carolina is a Nice Place to Live and Vacation

Belmont, North Carolina is a popular vacation destination for tourists who like North Carolina’s relaxed atmosphere and family-friendly atmosphere. Belmont was designed around an old mining town that has since died, leaving behind its heritage and character. Belmont offers many restaurants, shops, and other attractions. North Carolina tourist information centers offer maps and directions to Belmont. Learn information about Charlotte, NC.

Belmont is a quiet residential area. Belmont lies about 9 miles from uptown Charlotte, the state capital, and about half a mile from the Belmont airport. Belmont boasts a small but competitive nightlife, with many of the restaurants located along Main Street. The restaurants include Delano’s Italian Kitchen (one of the best restaurants in town), L’Amusement Parlor (one of the largest entertainment centers in North Carolina), and Belmont Cafe. Discover facts about Tips to Follow When Visiting Arlington, North Carolina.

Belmont’s landscape features rolling hills and dramatic river views. Belmont’s downtown area is lined with boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. The Belmont Hosiery Mill is North Carolina’s only remaining working textile mill. Belmont’s Belmont Abbey Historic District features Belmont’s original brick churches, barns, public buildings, and unique architecture. Belmont’s eclectic heritage is still very much alive in Belmont North Carolina; you’ll find beautiful art galleries, antique shops, and distinctive gift stores…  Belmont Music Hall of Fame is the only North Carolina museum dedicated to showcasing musical acts of all styles. Belmont Restaurant and Sports Authority at Belmont Park offer live music performances by local bands and groups, as well as sports memorabilia and decorations. The Belmont Highway, a paved greenway, runs through the downtown area and connects the Belmont Park district to Belmont Speedway, one of the country’s longest continually running racing tracks.

Belmont promises all of the above for a relaxing lifestyle in North Carolina. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the great food, and the people of Gaston County. Belmont has everything you need to live a full and active life in North Carolina. If you are looking for a place to call home, why not Belmont, North Carolina?

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