Brutal Cold Temperatures Signal Late Arrival Of Winter And Ramp Up Calls For Water Damage

Winter Cold Season

The end of January has signaled the beginning of the winter cold season in a big way. With the year’s first major snow system tracking across a large portion of the upper Midwest and through the east coast, the late arrival of winter ended in a big way. The changing weather patterns are setting the stage for what could be weeks of sub-zero temperatures for a large portion of the country. With many long-range forecasts predicting single-digit and sub-zero temperatures through the middle of February there is certain to be a number of challenges that property owners face with the dramatic temperature changes

With the arrival of sub-zero temperatures, the likelihood of homes suffering from frozen and burst pipes increases substantially. As the temperature range fluctuates between freezing and above freezing your homes plumbing systems and mechanicals become strained, and can quickly lead to a broken or burst pipe. The team from Service Restoration is adept at handling all types of water damage disasters. From sewer backups, to flooded basements and water damage from broken pipes, we have the expertise and equipment to respond quickly and help to minimize additional damages. With properties that have suffered water damage from a broken or burst pipe, our team can work with your insurance carrier to limit your out of pocket expenses.

Service Restoration has locations throughout the United States and employees water damage technicians that are certified through the IICRC.

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