Carolina Theatre in Charlotte, NC – A Great Place to See and Enjoy

The Carolina Theatre is a historic and beloved place of worship, home to the Carolina Theatre Festival and is the largest free indoor playground in North Carolina. With its beautiful interiors, the theater provides a great way to get family members and friends together and have fun as well as to celebrate the arts in Charlotte, North Carolina. Information can be found here.

The theater, which was first built in 1932, has gone through a number of transformations in the past several years. In addition to the interior, it also now has an exterior garden that offers a great place for visitors to relax. The theater also features many exhibits that entertain children of all ages on a nightly basis. This allows children to enjoy all the fun things to do and see while they are at the theater. The Carolina Theatre has a wide range of seating options, from a number of seats to the larger balcony, balconies, and skyboxes. There are many amenities that guests can avail such as restrooms, a hot dog vendor, concession stand, video screen, audio system, and a clubhouse area with a pool table. The Clubhouse is the only establishment in the Carolinas that has an extensive outdoor swimming pool. See here for information about The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina -Experience the Inspirational Story.

The theater is known for its performances of plays by renowned authors such as William Shakespeare and features local theater plays. Children love to visit the theater and this is why they are always welcomed into the theater for shows. The theater even offers kid-friendly entertainment for those who are interested in watching shows that are not suitable for children. The theater is located in one of the most popular and busiest areas in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is centrally located right in the heart of downtown Charlotte, where people are sure to see it at least once in their lifetime. With this fact, it is no wonder that there is so much excitement and love about the theater. Protection Status