Charlotte Infrastructure and Public Utilities

The Charlotte Department of Transportation, abbreviated as CDOT, is a designated department for ensuring that the city’s transportation system is in good shape and efficiently running. This is achieved by enhancing Charlotte’s walking, bicycling, and driving experience.

And because most of the Charlotte residents work in the city’s center, this department works on efficient planning for operating and maintaining the city’s transportation system. The results are very impressive, giving both the residents and visitors the confidence to transition from one place to another as often as possible.

The transportation infrastructure in Charlotte also features a program known as the Charlotte Shared Streets. This program is designed to support multiple outdoor exercises in the city by creating a safer and more convenient environment for cycling, wheelchair rolling, and walking.

This makes it one of the most presentable and safest cities for outdoor activities around the nation.

Health and Utilities

Like any other county in the nation, Charlotte understands the essence and benefits of robust health infrastructure. They’ve invested adequately in ensuring that their residents are well taken care of in times of need.

There are more than enough medical centers around the city, each offering services aligned with the city’s health department policies. And thanks to the Charlotte CDOT, medical assistance is easily and quickly accessible to the town.

Moreover, the city offers adequate gas, electricity, water, and sewer services to benefit both their residents and visitors.

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