Charlotte: The Hub of Racing Culture

Car racing is an integral part of Charlotte’s culture. The city hosts NASCAR and Lowe’s Motor Speedway. These events call Charlotte home, and even the new NASCAR hall of fame is located only a few blocks away from the tower that hosts the Bank of America.

Additionally, the Wachovia arts campus is the ultimate symbol of stock car racing in the city. As you may know, the city of Charlotte was primarily a rail and banking hub. And as it progressed immensely, the France family founded and established NASCAR – merging finance and this beautiful sport.

Home to NASCAR's Success

While most of NASCAR‘s corporate headquarters are in Daytona Beach, almost everything else related to the establishment is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ninety percent of NASCAR’s teams can be found within 75 miles of a radius in Charlotte. 

Additionally, the first actual stock race that took place in 1949 and featured 33 cars was held in this city of Charlotte. It brought in about 13 000 visitors, and it has evolved into the current famous Sprint Cup. Therefore, Charlotte has been a site of NASCAR’s success story.

The Hall of Fame of Car Racing

To win this award, Charlotte had to go against some top contenders in the industry as well. In the city’s hall of fame complex, you’ll find a museum as well as an entertainment center worth $190 million.

 What You Can Enjoy:

  •   Glory Road – This features 15-18 historic cars
  •   Simulator – For racing experience
  •   A 250-seater industry-standard theater
  •   NASCAR’s newsroom and studios
  •   Galleries displaying racing artifacts.

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