Exciting Things to Do in Lucia, NC

Lucia, North Carolina is a growing small fishing village that offers lots of things to do and places to go. If you love the sound of water running over rocks with the hint of something tiny waiting for its bite, Lucia, NC is the place for you. You can explore the quiet beaches, visit with the dolphins, take a nature hike, or just hang around the marina. The possibilities are endless! The population of Lucia consists mostly of retirees and many of them come back here every year to catch more fish. Information concerning Charlotte, NC can be discovered here.

This small town is tucked away in the quiet corner of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Lucia, North Carolina is an approximately six-mile stretch of beautiful beach on the Outer Banks, overlooking Kill Devil Hills and the Indian Beach State Park. It is also home to a busy pier that specializes in winter crab fishing. For those who love to dine out, Lucia has several restaurants with some that offer truffles, fresh seafood, and top-notch service. Driving between all of these various parts of Lucia NC will give you a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. Driving between these different parts of Lucia is much like driving in the deep south. In the summer months, Lucia, NC offers great fishing opportunities and swimming beaches. Summertime is Lucia’s biggest season because there is a lot of tourists in town enjoying all of these activities. Information about Lucia, NC – A Thriving North Carolina Community can be found here. 

You will be able to enjoy all of Lucia’s fishing possibilities. The rivers are filled with trout, bass, and catfish. Many tourists have caught some really big fish here at Lucia, and now they return year after year to fish, and even to teach others how to catch more. Lucia is a small town but there is plenty to do and see here, as well as good food. It truly is the perfect area for vacations. If you love fishing but are unsure about the quality of fish in Lucia, you won’t have any worries in Lucia, NC. Lucia, NC is a great choice for people who enjoy fishing and relaxing in a warm climate while enjoying all the comforts of home.

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