Freedom Park: A Fun Place in Charlotte, NC

Do you want to have a fun day with your family? Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC is a great place for this! Freedom Park has many attractions, such as the Freedom Tower and Freedom Lake. The park also features an amusement center which includes go-karts, bumper boats, batting cages, laser tag, and more! Come on down to Freedom Park today for some good ol’ fashioned family fun in Charlotte. Learn information about Charlotte, NC.  

Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC is a huge playground near Freedom Hall on North Tryon Street. The park has two main sections for kids- one geared towards elementary-aged children and the other section with rides and attractions for older children. The play area is very clean, well organized, brightly colored, and covered in shade trees! Freedom Park offers all sorts of fun activities like a bounce house where you can jump around inside or outside of it (depending on how hot), an inflatable slide that’s perfect for little ones to go down over and over again, benches that face at least one side of the park so you don’t miss out on anything happening while your child plays in the front part, swings galore. Discover facts about Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC: Fantastic Fun and Facts.

The Freedom Area was first proposed as Freedom Plaza in 1958 by architect Frank Gehry. Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC was dedicated on November 11th, 2002. The park is a living memorial to all who have served our country and enjoy their freedoms because of the sacrifices they made; it is also a symbol of our commitment to building peace and freedom for future generations.

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