Harrisburg, NC – Know More About This City

Harrisburg, North Carolina a popular northeastern suburb of Charlotte, is a thriving city in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. The current population was estimated at 16,046 as of 1 July 2018. It is located on the banks tributary creek of creek flow upstream to the state park and lakeshores. This city was settled by some of the settlers of the Revolutionary War. It is also one of the premier industrial centers of the Eastern seaboard states. With the opening of the Lackawanna and Blount bridges, Harrisburg became the western seaboard’s first major destination for pleasure craft traffic, pleasure boating, and pleasure cruise ships. More about Charlotte, NC can be seen here.

Harrisburg, NC has a very diverse population consisting of many nationalities such as German, Irish, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Middle Easterner, Russian, and others. The diversity of this city is exemplified by the fact that German is the second most spoken language in this city with the number of people speaking it estimated at over 17%. This ethnic diversity is further exemplified by the existence of sizable numbers of people from nations other than the European Union in the city. This number is even higher when including the populations of North Carolina itself. This diversity is also exemplified by the fact that, as of the present time, almost one-third of the population of this city is non-European. Click here to read about Moving to North Carolina? Find Out About Harrisburg.

In addition to having beautiful weather and lush scenery, North Carolina is also home to other recreational and business activities. Harrisburg, North Carolina is a rapidly growing metropolitan area located in eastern North Carolina. The city is known for its temperate climate, professional workforce, and affordable housing costs. This city was named one of the “most livable cities” in the U.S. by the magazine National Geographic Traveler. There are many attractions for tourists visiting the city including the historic Market Square; the historic Charles River Arts District; the Harrisburg Art Museum; and the historic Cabarrus County Courthouse and Jail, where civil and criminal trials are processed.

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