Have Fun at Latta Arcade in Charlotte, NC

The Latta Arcade in Charlotte, North Carolina is an outdoor indoor shopping arcade built in 1914. It was constructed by the Woolworth Company and is now owned by the Latta Corporation. It originally included a two-story atrium with restaurants and stores. A tall circular glass window on the second floor allowed natural light to filter through the interior of the building. At night, it housed the Latta Ice Cream Parlor. The arcade was opened as an ice cream parlor by a young girl named Alice Latta. Alice was a part owner of the Latta Corporation and she later became the first female president of the company. Click here for facts about Charlotte, NC.

The arcade was designed to be an extension of the original Woolworth Company ice-cream parlor. The two stories were decorated with wood paneling and wrought iron trim. The floor of the arcade was paved with a soft-colored brick that was stained by the rain and snow. The walls were decorated with beautiful floral wallpaper. A large sign on the front of the arcade announced that the ice cream parlor was open to the public, and customers would find “sessions for all tastes.” It also advertised that children were welcome to come inside the store and get a taste of the freshly made ice cream. Click here to read about Huntingtowne Farms in Charlotte, NC is a Farm Stand to Impress Your Guests.

The Latta Arcade in Charlotte, North Carolina has been open for nearly a century. It features a large amount of memorabilia from the early days of the ice-cream parlor. The first ice cream machine that was sold in the city of Charlotte was made at the Latta Arcade in 1914. It is part of the Latta Corporation’s National Toy Hall of Fame and was used by the first President of the United States to make the first “ice cream” in the United States. The Latta Corporation has continued to operate this ice cream parlor as a small business. The Charlotte Latta Arcade continues to be family owned and operated.

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