The History of Minneapolis, MN

You could effortlessly trace Minneapolis’s history to 1680 when the first lot of French explorers arrived. During this time, the Dakota Sioux and the Ojibwa were the only residents in the region. 

When the French got to this region, they named St. Anthony Falls, which provided energy for crushing flour. The flour was for Fort Snelling, a military outpost in the region. These falls resulted in a village coming up, and the population grew. 

It was not until 1856 that Minneapolis got authorized as a town, thanks to the Minnesota Territorial Legislature. While it got incorporated in 1867, it was joined with St. Anthony to form the present-day city.

More About Minneapolis

You will hardly talk about Minnesota without mentioning its lumbar industry. Initially, this place had various green forests in the northern. That is because this industry was the backbone of the economic growth of the region. Remember, there is the Mississipi river, which was enough to ensure that the lumbar thrives. This waterfall played a critical role in powering over 17 sawmills. 

Racial covenants form a painful part of the history of Minneapolis. These covenants hurt not only human rights but also the economic progress of the city. Ideally, the covenants focused on using property deeds to perpetuate racial segregation. While the city has remained intentional to confront this past, it is likely to haunt it for a long time to come.

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