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What Are Hospital Damage Restoration Services?

A fire can happen in any area of a hospital.  Anyone who is on oxygen and lights up a cigarette can cause a huge fire.  There is not only the presence of flammable gases but there is also a hospital kitchen. Over half of all hospital fires start in the kitchen. 

According to recent statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, the next largest cause of hospital fires is an electrical malfunction.  There are hundreds of electrical devices being used all day long.  Unless the hospital is brand new, the electric service might not be robust enough to meet demand and can cause a fire.

Hospital Building Restoration

Because a hospital has to be a completely sanitary environment to keep patients safe from disease, building restoration services in hospitals must be exceptionally well done.  Nothing can be left to chance when restoring a medical facility.  

An often overlooked part of building restoration services for hospitals is the ventilation system.  When there is a fire, soot and smoke will be carried far away from the point of the fire.  The smoke in the air can cause respiratory problems for both staff and patients. Service Restoration knows that the ventilation system of the hospital also has to be restored to a pristine condition.

All Insurance accepted

When your business is faced with commercial water damage, you don’t want an added expense. Some insurance policies may cover damage associated with an accident. Our team will work closely with your insurance company or claims adjusters to determine your policy coverage. We’ll even bill your insurance company directly.

How the Process Works

Service Restoration is on call 24/7 so that your hospital can get back up and running quickly.  We will come out and do a detailed site analysis and give you a free estimate.  

Then you can sit back and let the professionals take it from there. Job one is to remove debris.  Our experienced technicians will be sure to ask if there is any doubt about a piece of equipment that may or may not need to be junked.  When performing building restoration services we take care of disposing of anything that is no longer usable.

There will be water everywhere from putting out the fire. We will get rid of the water, whether it takes pumps or absorbent materials, or mops.    After removing all the water, Service Restoration will dry the entire area thoroughly.  This is important to make sure no mold develops later.

Hospital damage often involves cleaning up biohazards.  Our technicians are properly trained in the disposal of biohazards and will take care of that part as well.  Anything that was burned that was making hazardous gases as it burned will also be contained properly and disposed of. 

Next, anything that was touched in any way by fire, smoke, or soot will be thoroughly disinfected and then deodorized. 

What Is the Hospital Damage Cleanup Process?

Although restoration varies by situation, the basic clean up steps are the same regardless of the damage. After assessing the damage, your restoration specialist will explain the exact cleanup process for your building or facility.

Assess the Damage

Inspect the damage and provide a detailed estimate for cleanup and repairs.

Dispose of Damaged Materials

Cleanup and dispose of damaged materials or debris.

Disinfect and Deodorize

Disinfect and deodorize the area to ensure it is safe.

Secure the Property

If necessary, tarp and board up the damage to keep your property safe.

Dry the Area

For cases involving water and mold, dry the area thoroughly.

Rebuild and Restore

Finally, rebuild your property and restore it to its original condition.

Remove Water

Remove standing water or sewage from the property.

Clean and Remove Contaminants

For fire and biohazard situations, clean and safely remove contaminants.


After all the damage has been cleaned up and sanitized, Service Restoration will begin the process of actually restoring your hospital to its former condition.  Sometimes walls need to be sealed.  Many times walls need to be rebuilt.  If there has been roof damage, that will also need to be rebuilt.

Our licensed and experienced technicians will be able to do any of the construction jobs that will need to be done to put your hospital back into working order.

Why Hire a Hospital Damage Repair Company?

While the exact cleanup process will depend on the exact type of damage, most repairs follow these same basic steps. In the event cleanup will differ from these steps, your restoration technician will let you know.

Also, we provide a 30-minute rapid response to limit property damage and keep the cost of restoration down.

We offer 24-hour emergency response to limit damage and reduce the impact on your church or religious organization.

Our restoration professionals will assess the damage and provide a free, no-obligation estimate for all church damage cleanup services.

Our restoration technicians are licensed and insured to protect your parishioners and religious officials during restoration.

AALastly, we accept all insurance companies and can even work with them directly to make your life easier.

Our contractors also use professional-grade equipment and advanced techniques to clean up and restore all types of church damage.

Reviews From Satisfied Service Restoration Customers

I have used Service Restoration for board up service at our store and have been extremely pleased with the results. They have been fast to respond, friendly, professional, and very thorough. I would recommend their services to anyone.

I had a problem with ice damning at a large commecial building I work at and manage and I was looking at ways to get it fixed quickly. Service Restoration was able to send someone over the same day I called. They had the issue diagnosed and told us exactly what needed to be done with a free estimate. Their technicians are friendly, professional, and they work efficiently. They provided the best service excaully working in the cold rain and breaking the ice damn up in an emergency effort to stop the water leaking into the building and causing damage. I highly recommend this company.

I had a clogged drain that overflowed and flooded in company office bathroom. I called Service Restoration and they were able to come out within an hour to do the water damage restoration. I would highly recommend this company if you are having any issues with your plumbing or drain.

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