The Best Hotels in Minneapolis, MN

Planning to visit Minnesota? You have countless options of Hotels in Minneapolis, MN to choose from, but we’ve compiled a short list for you. From the age-old flair and class to the picturesque surroundings of Minneapolis, you will hardly want to leave without spending a few nights there. Whether you are on a business or casual trip, this is a place that assures you of the serenity and peace you envision. The only catch would be to find the right place to stay. Fortunately, there is a myriad of options at your disposal. 

Minneapolis is slowly bursting with top-notch, elegant establishments. The hotels here highlight comfort and a sense of peace. As long as you understand what you need, you will barely miss a perfect choice. Notably, you will find both budget and high-end hotels and accommodations. Each option provides you with distinct levels of luxury.

Hewing Hotel

Millennium Minneapolis

You could consider Hewing Hotel if you are on a mid-level budget. This hotel sits in the Warehouse District, and it will cost you about $200 a night. It is no secret that it is a classy hotel. And with a rooftop pool and on-set dining, you will effortlessly fall in love with it. Hewing Hotel is a must see whether you’re looking for dinner, drinks, or at hotels in Minneapolis, MN!

You could also go for the Millennium Minneapolis. This place is suitable for those spending days at the Minneapolis Convention Center and the people on a budget. Despite costing you about $72 a night, you will be sure of multiple features and amenities, including indoor pools and a sauna.

Saint Paul Hotel

The Saint Paul Hotel is yet another option, with sophistication and class. It is a high-end hotel that hosts various dignitaries annually. Did you know that JFK and Charles Lindberg were frequent visitors here?

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