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Professional Restoration of Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial accidents can cause damage not only to the facility itself, but sometimes the accidents are so catastrophic that they can also cause health risks to employees.  Don’t take that chance – hire a professional restoration company that specializes in cleaning up and restoring industrial and manufacturing facilities.

When you call Service Restoration, you can stop worrying about your facility and the health of your employees.  We have seen it all and we know exactly how to safely clean it up and get you back in business.

With our expert industrial restoration and manufacturing damage cleanup services, you can expect proficient, knowledgeable technicians to supervise and complete the needed cleanup and restoration.

All Insurance accepted

When your business is faced with commercial water damage, you don’t want an added expense. Some insurance policies may cover damage associated with an accident. Our team will work closely with your insurance company or claims adjusters to determine your policy coverage. We’ll even bill your insurance company directly.


When an industrial or manufacturing facility experiences an accident, Service Restoration can be onsite within 30 minutes.  If there are toxic chemicals involved, our technicians will immediately take precautions to protect your employees.  Areas containing toxic fumes will be sealed off.  Our technicians are properly trained and have the necessary hazmat suits so that they can go into the area and seal it correctly.

If there has been a fire, our experienced technicians will clean up all the water and dry out everything.  Anything that is water damaged will be disposed of.  

After making sure everything is safe for the rest of your factory and your production lines, our industrial restoration and manufacturing damage cleanup service will safely remove and dispose of all debris in the affected area.  Floors will be scrubbed thoroughly so no residue remains.  Walls will be scoured. Smoke and soot will be cleaned up. Affected ceilings will be cleaned.

Our technicians will work with your managers to make decisions about your assembly lines and whether or not they are salvageable.  If any machines need to be disposed of, Service Restoration will make sure they are disposed of safely and properly, meeting all local laws and regulations concerning disposal.

After all the articles within the damage zone are cleaned out, our technicians will present options for restoration.  Sometimes, damaged walls have to be removed.  In warehousing operations, there may be steel racking that has to be cleaned of soot. Logistics buildings often have huge ventilation systems that may have drawn in smoke or other toxic fumes.

Service Restoration will carefully clean the ventilation system and make sure all filters are replaced.  If there is residue in the ductwork, that will also be cleaned.  

Our goal in our industrial restoration and manufacturing damage cleanup service is for you to be able to get back into business and for your employees to be able to go back to work with no worries.

Business owners can expect to be able to start with a clean slate after we have performed our services.  If any part of the industrial facility needs to be rebuilt from fire damages, or flood damages, we have technicians who can also handle that part.  

Owners of any type of industrial or manufacturing space can count on our experience and our expertise to bring their facility back to life.

What Types of Hospitals and Medical Facilities Do We Clean and Restore?

Although the exact commercial cleanup process will depend on the property involved and the cause of the damage, the following restoration procedures apply in most cases.

Assess the Damage

 Firstly, we inspect the damage and provide a detailed estimate for cleanup and repairs.

Dispose of Damaged Materials

Cleanup and dispose of damaged materials or debris.

Disinfect and Deodorize

Likewise, we also disinfect and deodorize the area to ensure it is safe.

Secure the Property

When necessary, we tarp and board up the damage to keep your building safe.

Dry the Area

For cases involving water and mold, dry the area thoroughly.

Rebuild and Restore

Finally, rebuild your church and restore it to its original condition.

Remove Water

Remove standing water or sewage from the property.

Clean and Remove Contaminants

For fire and biohazard situations, clean and safely remove contaminants.

Why Hire a Hospital Damage Repair Company?

While the exact cleanup process will depend on the exact type of damage, most repairs follow these same basic steps. In the event cleanup will differ from these steps, your restoration technician will let you know.

Also, we provide a 30-minute rapid response to limit property damage and keep the cost of restoration down.

We offer 24-hour emergency response to limit damage and reduce the impact on your church or religious organization.

Our restoration professionals will assess the damage and provide a free, no-obligation estimate for all church damage cleanup services.

Our restoration technicians are licensed and insured to protect your parishioners and religious officials during restoration.

AALastly, we accept all insurance companies and can even work with them directly to make your life easier.

Our contractors also use professional-grade equipment and advanced techniques to clean up and restore all types of church damage.

Reviews From Satisfied Service Restoration Customers

The water damage in our school was completely resolved by Service Restoration. The company had everything in place to make the process simple. They were able to schedule the work quickly. We were back to normal fairly quickly after they went to work cleaning up the water. The staff were friendly and professional. I would recommend using them again.

I was so happy to see my water heater wasn't ruined. I woke up to find out my water heater had leaked all over our basement. I was worried that the flooring and walls had been damaged. I called Service Restoration and they were able to send someone out right away. They cleaned up the mess and even dried out the flooring. The best part was they were able to fix the damage and everything is like new again. I will definitely be using Service Restoration again if anything happens.

I was so impressed by the service I received from the Service Restoration team. They were so friendly over the phone and assured me that they were available to help. I was so glad to have them come out to remove the water. They repaired the problem and were very thorough with ensuring that it wouldn't leak again. I will definitely be using Service Restoration again!

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It takes experience and the right equipment to clean up water, fire or mold damage properly. Let the experts at Service Restoration give you peace of mind after a disaster or emergency. Licensed and insured, our contractors will get the job done right and keep your family safe.

Service Restoration makes it easy to get water, fire and mold Service Restoration near you fast. With contractors covering 95% of the continental United States, we offer 24-hour emergency services and less than 60-minute response time. Call us now for a free in-person estimate from a certified restoration contractor.

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