The Infrastructure and Public Utilities in Minneapolis

Did you know that over 50% of the city population has to travel to their workplace every morning? Yes, about 96.000 of its population drive cars, while the rest would prefer public means. Imagine how chaotic it can be if the city did not have organized transport systems. Thankfully, Minneapolis is the epitome of efficient transport systems. 

Transport Systems


This city boasts of a practical and operational Metropolitan Council that runs the Metro Transit. Usually, rail and buses operate throughout the day, ensuring that you access service without much hassle. The system connects passengers to over 43 stations, including the airport. You can visit their website and check which route the bus and the light rail do operate. 

While at it, you can board this light rail on the Green or the Blue lines. The rail system in this city is affordable. Typically, you do not have to pay for this service, thanks to the Guaranteed Ride Home program. 

It is no secret that many people in the city prefer traveling light. That means bicycles will be their favorite option whenever they are moving around the town. With the Minneapolis Skyway System, connecting to different parts of the city with bikes is relatively seamless.
You will also appreciate how rich this major city is in health amenities. It has seven world-class hospitals. For this reason, you are confident of unrivaled health provision at all times. Some of the best hospitals you might consider to visit will include Abbott Northwestern, Fairview Southdale, and Mercy Hospital-Coon Rapids.

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