Old homes can be charming. However, structures, especially those built years ago, are probably not strong enough to withstand rains or harsh weather conditions, especially as they age. So, the older the house or building, the more windows that leak. While this is a common conception, there is also no guarantee that windows or frames in newly built homes won’t suffer from such problems.

Water can be detrimental to houses, and leaks, no matter how small they may be, cause structural damage, mold development, or in some cases, both if left unattended for a long time.

Moreover, when your windows or frames, or even your drywalls, suffer water damage, they can cause mold formation, which can be expensive to repair.

Also, since mold growth depends on moisture and organic material, there may be no visible signs, and you may not even notice it before the situation gets out of hand.

So, how do you repair a leaky window and prevent mold formation and structural damage?

How to Identify a Leaking Window Frame?

As suggested, leaky windows may be commonplace in old homes. However, they may also occur in new buildings. You can have a leaking window for many reasons, including incorrect or improper installation or a leaking paint sealant.

1. Improper Installation

When installing a window, be sure to install the flashing correctly, or it may leak. Waterproof window flashing is a unique material that prevents the frames from leaking, as against ordinary house wrap or building paper. So, when installing new windows, or replacing old ones, be sure to use waterproof window flashing, and more importantly, install them correctly.


2. Inadequate Paint Sealant

Inadequate or improperly applied paint sealant can lead to broken caulks at the seams, cracks in the glazing putty between the panes, and ultimately, a leaking window frame. So, be sure to apply enough paint sealant along the glass edges.

How to Repair a Leaking Window Frame?

Now that you know why you may have a leaking window frame, it’s time to fix it. There are three steps involved in fixing a leaking window frame.

1. Finding the Source

The first step entails finding the source or from where the leak originated. The most common sources include:

  •         Roofs and Walls
  •         Broken Sealants


2. Fixing the Leak

Once you have zeroed in on the source, it’s time to fix the leak. You can use a sealant to cover the damaged areas. However, the problem may sometimes be more complicated, especially with wooden windows. So, you may need to probe the frame and sash for dampness or softness. If the wood cracks under pressure, you can ascertain that it is decaying and needs a replacement.

3. Replacing the Puckering Drywall

If you have puckering drywall affecting the structure, you may need to get it replaced by calling in experts like Water Damage Near Me.

Professional water damage repair specialists like Water Damage Near Me assess the situation thoroughly, identify the source, and suggest remedies to prevent structural damage.

When Do You Need to Install New Windows?

You will need to replace or install new windows if you have leaking frames. Wood is highly prone to warping and water damage, so you must use weather-proof materials when installing replacements.

These materials may be expensive, but they prevent your window frames from leaking and causing structural damage to your windows, besides mold growth. So, when installing new windows or frames, you ought to look for weather-proof materials, such as:


  •         Vinyl
  •         Fiberglass
  •         Composite (a mix of wood and fiberglass)
  •         Aluminum
  •         Steel


You can fix leaking window frames yourself using any popular DIY method. However, it’s better to contact an expert such as Water Damage Near Me and have them resolve the problem. You can have the best weather-resistant materials appropriately installed and prevent your window frames from leaking.

The following table sums up the procedure for fixing leaking window frames.

S.No. Steps
1 Find the source
2 Fix the Leak
3 Replace the Drywall