Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, North Carolina – A Glimpse of Life Before

The Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, North Carolina is an interesting museum that provides visitors with a glimpse into how life was before, during, and after the civil war. This museum was founded in 1966. It is housed inside a mansion that was once owned by James Levine and his wife. This museum is designed to provide visitors with an experience of the past by showcasing artifacts that have been discovered. The museum has over one hundred artifacts that are displayed in five rooms that are located throughout the mansion. Find further facts here.

The museum is not only used as an exhibit but it also houses many exhibits that are related to the Civil War. One of these is the “Old Soldiers of the Old Union” exhibit. This exhibit allows visitors to view old Union uniforms. The museum also has an exhibit called “The Art of the Civil War.” The “Union Paintings” exhibit features paintings and artifacts that have been created during the period when Union soldiers were at battle. A popular exhibit in the museum is called “Rodeos of the Civil War.” Read about Have Fun at Latta Arcade in Charlotte, NC here.

The museum is open to the public on a number of occasions. These include school tours, school picnics, family holidays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. The museum is also available for private tours. The museum is wheelchair accessible, however visitors who have problems getting around should call ahead first. The museum is located in the historic section of Charlotte. Visitors who want to learn more about life in the antebellum South may want to consider visiting this museum. If you love history and want to know more about this historical period, this museum will offer a great opportunity.

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