mold removal Plymouth

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mold removal Plymouth

Mold Removal Plymouth? We are The Pro’s!

mold removal Plymouth

mold removal Plymouth

Service Restoration is one of the fastest growing insurance restoration companies in the United States. Superior customer satisfaction and work efficiency help us continue to expand. Our trained technicians are ready to eliminate your mold, any day of the week and at any hour. We prides itself on accepting the jobs that the other restoration companies don’t want to touch.



Maintaining great communication with the client to ensure they are well informed on why certain procedures are taking place is why we are still in business. There is no job that is too small or large for Service Restoration. Handling small jobs to the large commercial jobs and everything in between is how we operate.

What is Mold?


Mold is a naturally occurring organism which can also be valuable in certain situations. It can break down the remains of dead organic matter. It can also have serious health effects, so we ask that the property owners avoid any and all affected areas until the issue is addressed.


They can be very easily spotted, or it can sometimes be hidden, in various spots behind walls. Mold is not something that is easily removed by an untrained professional. Home remedies often are comparable to using a Band-Aid when you need stitches. It can remediate the situation temporarily but it doesn’t eliminate the problem completely.


Our trained professionals know how to completely eliminate existing and potential future mold problems. We use high tech equipment and years of experience to fully remediate your property.


A common misconception is that once the visible mold “looks like it is gone”, your problem is solved. Mold molecules or mold spores can be left behind even though the surface may look clean. Growing through cracks and crevices to get behind drywall and even underneath your subfloor. Spores from mold can spread very quickly if the issue is not dealt with by professionals and in a timely manner.

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mold removal Plymouth

How Does Mold Grow?


When you have water damage to your Plymouth property, the damage itself is the first of two major problems. The second problem that can start out as a hidden issue comes in the form of mold and mildew. These are the two most common byproducts of any water issue. Remediation of Mold is very difficult to control, remove, and contain.


Usually within 48-72 hours of a water or flooding event, mold will start to appear.  Often found on floors or walls but what some may not know is that mold spores are in the air and can cause serious health issues to those living or working on the property.


You want to eliminate mold infestations prior to renting or selling your property. It can cause legal issues and will decrease your property value. People will stay away from properties with mold as they are unsure how much there is and how much it will cost them to remove.



Spotting Mold



Does your home have mold? It’s not hard to find out, as mold appears as a greenish black, fuzzy growth on piping, walls, and ceilings, accompanied by a dry and musty smell. The difficult part about mold is that you truly do not know how much you have until a trained professional looks at your property to determine the extent of it.


This means that it could be worse than you think. With such an easy diagnosis, if you have a hunch that you have mold, you’re most likely right. If you do find mold in your home or business, it is important to eliminate the issue immediately by calling a mold removal company. The mold will only grow and get worse over time, even in areas that you can’t always see, with the health hazards growing correspondingly.

Health Effects When Dealing With Mold


We encounter mold spores every day with no ill effects. Problems arise when mold spores are encountered in large quantities in a smaller concentrated area, like the inside of your property.


If you have mold spores on your property, they will be inhaled and they will settle in the lungs. Once they are in your lungs, they become a foreign body that breaks down tissue. This can cause a wide variety of problems such as infection, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and even more serious neurological disorders.

We Are Fully Insured and Certified


Service Restoration is Clean Trust certified in all areas of restoration, including mold removal and remediation. Our professionals have put countless hours, effort, and resources to make sure that our technicians are properly trained and able to take on even the largest mold and mildew problems.


mold removal Plymouth

Our 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year service means we can have a technician on site the same day, usually within the hour, ready to assess your problem and begin the restoration process immediately.


Black Mold spreads too quickly and is too dangerous to take chances by not using the pros. Call the professional mold remediation service providers at Service Restoration today!



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mold removal Plymouth
mold removal Plymouth

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