Lucia, NC – A Thriving North Carolina Community

Lucia, North Carolina is a small fishing village on the eastern end of NC State’s coastal plain. The small community is about one square mile in size and is about a half-hour drive from the closest big city, Raleigh. The small population of Lucia includes about two hundred permanent residents, thirty-five of which live in houses or apartments on the primarily gravel beach across the Indian Beach from Lucia. This beach is often referred to as North Carolina Beach because it is part of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. This area has seen high growth over the years with a large influx of tourists and new, younger families, many of whom are from out of state. Find further facts here.

Lucia, North Carolina was established in the 1950s as a fishing community and has always focused on preserving its heritage while promoting commerce. In this effort, it has developed an attractive downtown area that includes several marinas, restaurants, pubs, and businesses. A major development effort is underway now to convert what was a gravel beach into an improved tourist destination that will include an improved beach entrance, an improved road system, and a new four-lane expressway that will link Lucia, North Carolina to Raleigh. The planned improvements to Lucia include: adding a new four-lane expressway to connect Lucia to Raleigh-NC, widening an existing gravel beach, and constructing a new two-mile road/traffic intersection in downtown Lucia. This project should be finished by late 2020, though it could be delayed as the completion date is influenced by weather conditions. Read about Lowell – The Best Cities to Be Living in North Carolina here. 

As part of this new development, Lucia, North Carolina is also considering adding a brand new Killian Crossroads Mall. The mall will contain about fifty retailers, including several popular chains. The mall will feature eating areas, movie theaters, and other retail establishments. The mall will be located adjacent to the Killian Crossroads Golf and Country Club, which are owned by the Killian family. This new addition will allow Lucia, North Carolina to attract even more visitors. Lucia, NC is also working on building a new hospital and nursing home that should add much-needed services to this rapidly growing community.

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