Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota – A Unique Experience

Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a fascinating museum that explores the history of life in Minnesota. It was built on the ruins of an old “A” Mill on the river left behind by the massive Washburn “A” Mill and rebuilt in what is now called the Mill City Museum on the river’s west bank. The original buildings have been retained, but modern additions and visitors’ attractions take them beyond recognition. You can see a restored train station and the original Ford Warehouse. This museum is the only one of its kind in Minnesota. Learn more here.

Another great attraction of this museum is an observation deck overlooking the Mississippi River and a rare outdoor railway ride across six miles of Minnesota woods. The first floor has a large art gallery containing many local and international artists, two large indoor gardens complete with fruit trees, fountains, and botanical specimen displays. You may be surprised to find live animals on display, such as a group of lions moving across the prairie. In addition to the gardens and the observation deck, there are a planetarium, a music theater, and an auditorium. All of these facilities combine to make this unique museum a great place to take part in Minnesota cultural events, such as a fireworks display at dusk. Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is part of a cluster of Minnesota Museums, which is located in rich soils and near-natural lakes like Greenway Park, St. Anthony Lake, and Lake Vermillion. The name Mill City was given because it was here that grain from the mills of Minneka was grown. The name St. Paul was given because it was here that the first colony of St. Paul was established by them. It is also the site of today’s Mill City Museum, one of Minnesota’s premier natural history museums. Learn more about A Guide to the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, MN.

Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is conveniently located close to many of the attractions in downtown Minneapolis. This is a good reason to visit during the week because traffic does not build up as it does when visiting the weekends. To get to the top floor, you will need either a rental elevator or a spiral elevator. If you are considering touring this beautiful museum during the summer months, do not worry about getting to the top floor due to very low ceilings, the large windows, and many other features that help make this an interesting experience. Take your time and enjoy the amazing architecture, exhibits, and rich history that makes Minnesota and its region so uniquely beautiful.

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