Minnesota Snow Storm – How to Prepare

Minnesota Snow Storm - How To Prepare

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According to the Star Tribune, Minnesota is expected to receive 20+ inches of snow between February 22-24, 2022. Snow storms can create significant challenges to individuals, families, and businesses. If you’re heading out of town before the snowstorm, prepare your property. A more comprehensive checklist can be found from FEMA.

What To Do - Before

Power Outages, Freezing Temperatures, and Poor Driving Conditions can lead to life threatening situations. The worst time to plan for weathering a storm, is while it is occuring.

  • Prepare for power outages. Whether the grid is overloaded, electrical poles are damaged, or service is disrupted. 
    • If possible stock up on non-perishable items.
    • Charge devices and portable battery packs. 
    • Gather blankets and pillows
    • Have multiple battery operated light sources
  • Use Surge Protectors for when the power is restored to protect your electronics
  • Verify fire alarms and carbon monoxide are operating condition
  • Keep pets indoors when possible. Take out on a short lease during bathroom breaks.
    • If possible, try to house lost pets until contact can be made with owners
  • An expensive, but great idea is to invest in a back-up generator
  • Have a first-aid kit available
  • Tell family and/or friends of intentions to travel and/or contact check-ins
  • Keep plumbing pipes above freezing temperature with pipe insulation

What To Do - After

With proper preparedness, weathering a storm can be manageable

  • Check in with family members and friends
  • Clear sidewalks, driveways, and doorways during and after. Don’t allow snow to trap you inside.
  • Clear snow away from foundation
    • As the snow melts, property owners often find water getting inside. The further away from the foundation, the less likely it is for water damage to occur.
  • Safely remove snow off your roof. Large snowfalls can add a lot of weight which can strain weak points in your roof. Additionally, removing snow will help avoid ice dams.
  • Restock the non-perishable items and safety items

Service Restoration wishes all to remain safe. Our travel times may be delayed, but rest assured we are working to get to your property. Stay safe and stay warm!

Minnesota Snow Storm - How To Prepare and avoid frozen pipes

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