More about Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock is a region whose rich history will get you smitten. Right from its establishment to its growth, it is a charm to behold. Here are a few insights into its history.


Settlement and Population

You can readily draw the history of Little Rock back to a French explorer, Jean-Baptiste Benard, in 1722. While exploring the Arkansas River, he noticed the initial outcropping of a relatively small rock, giving birth to the place’s current name. During this time, the area was a vast wilderness, and it was home to the Arkansas Indians. 

This place was then taken up by the French, forming part of the Territory of Louisiana. It was not until 1803 that the United States bought this territory from the French.

People started settling in this region in 1820, with the first building here being a cabin or shanty. Later that year, the government put up a post office, with Amos Wheeler as the postmaster. The territorial governor of Arkansas established this little town as the capital of the state. With that, it means that parliament and court sessions would happen right here. Over the years, it went beyond settlement alone, as in 1825, self-governance sufficed. Currently, this place boasts of a population of 197881 people. 


You can barely talk about the history of Little Rock without mentioning the Little Rock Nine. In 1957, nine students were barred from entering Central High School. This move spurred protests and civil rights movements, which called for the ending of racial segregation

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