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Get unmatched local disaster recovery solutions for your Commercial or Residential property. Acting quickly to call a professional can save lost time and minimize secondary damage. We know it’s overwhelming and you may be asking yourself, “What is the water damage restoration process?” or “Can I dry this myself?”. Our recommendation is to avoid attempting a DIY approach. An improper dry out can lead to more extensive damage, including mold growth. 

Our expertise and knowledge is unrivaled, but don’t just take our word for it – read our customer’s reviews on Google. When it comes to fire and water damage restoration, having an experienced team on your side is instrumental. Your team at Service Restoration has successfully navigated thousands of similar situations and understands the complexities that may arise. Whether it’s a flooded basement, sewage cleanup, a flooded apartment complex, broken sprinkler line at a hotel, or a pipe break at a college; we are prepared.


24/7 Onalaska Restoration

Our veteran crews are filled with knowledge and empathy while being able to handle any water or fire damage restoration project. We have become the go to for initiating prompt water removal or cleanup measures

Service Restoration of Onalaska has fully stocked trucks and warehouses, meaning you are getting mitigation completed with with cutting-edge equipment and proven drying techniques that will help expedite the property restoration process. With large loss equipment on standby, we can handle your commercial project immediately.

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Apartment Water Damage Extraction and Cleanup | Dry out Flooded Basement | Service Restoration of Onalaska

Onalaska Restoration Company

Three decades of experience has helped us to offer high quality water extraction and drying solutions to the residents and businesses of Onalaska.

Our proven track record has provided us the privilege of helping thousands of satisfied clients. During an emotional and frustrating time like you’re experiencing, Service Restoration of Onalaska will operate efficiently and effectively to help remind you that you’ve made the right choice. Our decision making comes with agility to operate to ensure our customer’s properties receive efficient and effective water damage dry out services, while minimizing disruption to daily life. We take pride in completing the job correctly the first time while maintaining the highest standards of quality, which is why we are IICRC certified.

Our rapid response teams will deploy to your property within the hour to help minimize  secondary damages and begin the water extraction and dry out process. Secondary damages can harm areas that were originally unaffected by the primary loss, such as mold growth spreading to previously unaffected areas.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

Service Restoration is happy to work with all insurance companies in Minnesota, including AAA, Allstate, State Farm, Chubb, Nationwide, Farmers, USAA, and more, to ensure the recovery process is as painless as possible.

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Water Damage Cleanup in Onalaska

Service Restoration of Onalaska has become a leader in the industry by utilizing cutting-edge and dependable methods to address emergency water damage situations. Our deep-rooted understanding of both Commercial and Residential construction equips us with the knowledge to comprehend the extent of the water damage. By understanding where the water travelled to, we are best able to restore your property to pre-loss condition. We take great pride in being a one-stop shop for our customers. The average restoration company will not have the proper knowledge to restore commercial buildings due to the complexity of the buildings, but we are more than happy to fill that gap. Our satisfied customers have helped position us as a frontrunner in the field of water damage restoration services in Minnesota and the neighboring regions. We count on our clients to become our advocates, so we value each relationship and call we receive.

Onalaska Water Damage Restoration Experts

The training and development of our highly skilled crews specializing in water damage clean up, mold remediation, fire damage, and storm damage restoration separates us from competitors. Our dedicated staff utilizes the best technologies, equipment, and vehicles to make sure we’re available for your call. As your comprehensive solution provider, we take pride in offering a seamless experience to the customer. Rest assured, our status as an IICRC certified firm ensures that you have contacted the industry’s finest, providing you with the utmost confidence in the quality of our services. We recommend verifying that any other restorer you may choose from is IICRC certified. The IICRC ensures firms will do the job done right the first time. IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Water Damage Cleanup and Drying Flooded Basement | Service Restoration of Onalaska

Service Restoration of Onalaska, WI, is your trusted provider of residential and commercial water damage restoration services, including sewage cleanup. Once you call, we will deploy our experienced team to your emergency. A couple of common calls we receive are for:

  • flooded basement cleanup
  • Water damage cleanup and restoration
  • Fire damage cleanup and restoration
  • Sump pump failure causing backup
  • Main sewer line backup
  • Overflowing Bathtubs, Overflowing Toilets, Overflowing Sinks, Broken Dishwashers, Broken Refrigerators  

Complete Restoration Services

These are the more common calls we receive, but don’t worry we can handle any type of loss. You’ve made the right choice by searching for help, the next step is to take action by contacting our professionals will significantly minimize the risk of secondary damage.

The severity of the damage can be influenced by various factors, such as the floor level, how long it took to notice the issue, and the source of the loss. Lingering standing water or moisture within your residential or commercial premises creates an optimal environment for the growth of mold and bacteria. Additionally, the longer standing water remains, the wider its reach extends. This can complicate the dry-out process, especially if water spreads from one room to another, requiring additional drying time for areas like sill plates. Nonetheless, our primary goal is to provide you with education on the restoration process, take necessary steps to mitigate the damage, and alleviate the emotional burden associated with this experience.

Why Choose Us?
With the skilled team of Service Restoration on your side, you can reduce how long your home is exposed to prolonged water, alleviate the risk of mold, and repair water damage quickly. Service Restoration of Onalaska is a licensed water damage restoration contractor in the state of Minnesota, and we’re certified to handle any size recovery project. Call Us Today (612) 260-2500 so that we can get our professional on-site to lend a hand

Onalaska Fire Damage Restoration

When your home or building suffers from fire damage, it’s crucial to promptly enlist the services of a professional fire damage restoration company. At Service Restoration of Onalaska, we understand the frustrations that can arise when dealing with the insurance claims process. Our goal is to alleviate the confusion and stress associated with it. Proper documentation plays a vital role, and we prioritize ensuring it is done correctly using advanced software programs. Through meticulous documentation, we are committed to restoring your property to its pre-loss condition, facilitating the replacement of your belongings. We utilize advanced restoration technologies and procedures to meticulously clean and salvage as many of your possessions as possible. What sets Service Restoration apart is our experienced team, top-quality equipment, and extensive industry knowledge. Additionally, we have the capability to perform Contents Restoration in-house and provide secure storage for your items at our offsite locations.

For effective fire damage cleanup and mitigation, contact Service Restoration of Onalaska today!

Serving The Entire Minneapolis & Rochester Metro Areas, Including:

About Onalaska, WI

Onalaska, Wisconsin, is a vibrant city located in La Crosse County. With a population of approximately 19,000, it offers a thriving community atmosphere. The city is nestled along the beautiful Mississippi River, providing stunning scenic views and ample opportunities for water-based activities such as boating and fishing. Onalaska is known for its picturesque parks and nature trails, including the Great River State Trail and the Van Loon Wildlife Area, which offer opportunities for hiking, biking, and wildlife observation. The city also boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, with galleries, theaters, and live music performances. Visitors and residents can enjoy shopping and dining experiences in the charming downtown area, which is lined with unique boutiques and restaurants.

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Toilet Overflow Water Damage | Cleanup and Dry out Flooded Basement | Service Restoration of Onalaska

Benefits of Our Professional Restoration Service​

A proper Onalaska restoration company will help minimize secondary damage and remove uncertainty. In the event that your property requires flood damage cleanup to your home or office, calling a local water damage cleanup company ensures fast water removal and extraction. Furthermore, by choosing our restoration services, you can experience the advantages of utilizing advanced equipment and technology from a nationally recognized company, along with the personalized attention and care that is characteristic of smaller firms. Our commercial-grade drying equipment surpasses the effectiveness of spare bedroom fans or basement dehumidifiers. With dedicated equipment for each affected area, we ensure optimal drying from the beginning, proving more efficient than using a few fans to dry a space before moving them to the next.

By using our professional water damage restoration services in Onalaska, WI,  thorough drying of the affected area and meticulous repair processes to restore your property to its pre-loss condition will begin immediately. Trusting experts helps mitigate overall losses resulting from undetected water damage and alleviates emotional distress.

Our dedicated Water Damage Extraction & Dry Out crews are prepared to assist you in documenting any losses you have experienced. Our thorough documentation ensures that your insurance company is in the know of what restoration needs to be completed and why it needs to be completed. Correct documentation facilitates smoother claims processing – it’s a win-win.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways that water can flood your home or business. The water source can be from either outside or inside your property. Hiring a professional restoration company with commercial grade equipment will yield the best result. Service Restoration is available 24/7/365 with trained staff. Flood Damage in your home or business differs from traditional water damage and more materials will have to be discarded or removed for thorough cleaning and drying. The water extraction and dry out process is relatively similar, but extra precaution is taken for category 3 water. Unsalvageable materials will be discarded, usually carpet and pad. Improper action or ignoring the issue will cause secondary damage and mold can form. Do-it-yourself techniques often fail due to improper airflow and not removing moisture from the air quickly enough.

Most standard homeowners insurance covers water damage in homes. However, there can be caveats, such as sump pump backup insurance and/or source of the water. Homeowner’s insurance usually covers a loss that was sudden and led to the damage. Burst pipes, dishwasher leaks, water supply lines, overflowing bathtubs and overflowing sinks are typically covered. However, homeowners insurance won’t cover any water damage that was brought by lack of maintenance to the home such as faulty pipes that were never repaired.

Homeowner’s insurance also doesn’t cover flood water damage. Storms, water overflowing river and lakes, and sewers are not generally covered. The National Flood Insurance Program offers additional coverage for causes not covered under general homeowner’s insurance. Service Restoration accepts all forms of insurance and water damage coverage. Our main goal is to restore your home to its former glory. We recommend talking to your insurance agent to make sure you’re covered.

  • Water damage cleanup
  • Fire damage cleanup & repair
  • Mold removal
  • Remodeling
  • Sewage cleanup
  • flooded basement cleanup
  • Water extraction
  • Water remediation
  • Bathtub Overflow
  • Bio Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Biohazard Cleanup Services
  • Building Cleaning
  • Burst Pipe Water Damage
  • Ceiling Water Damage
  • Clean And Restore
  • Cleaning And Sanitization
  • Commercial Restoration Services
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Coronavirus Cleaning
  • Coronavirus Cleanup
  • Covid 19 Decontamination
  • Disaster Cleanup Service
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Disaster Repair
  • Disaster Restoration Services
  • Drying Basement
  • Emergency Cleanup
  • Emergency Roof Repairs
  • Emergency Storm Damage
  • Emergency Water Extraction
  • Fix Water Damage
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Home Water Damage
  • Local Flood Cleanup
  • Property Damage
  • Property Restoration
  • Restoration And Construction
  • Roof Leaking
  • Sewer Backup Cleaning
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup
  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Storm Damage Flooded
  • Sump Pump Failures
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Sink overflow
  • Trauma Cleaning
  • Water Damage Drying
  • Water Extraction And Drying
  • Wet Carpet
  • Sewage Clean-up
  • Basement water damage cleanup
  • Flood water extraction
  • Frozen pipes water removal
  • Sewage removal services
  • Sewage damage
  • Basement water removal
  • Flood water removal services
  • Raw sewage cleanup
  • Office water damage repair
  • Fire damage cleanup & repair
  • Water damage cleanup
  • Flooring
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Mold issues
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling
  • Water Mold Fire Restoration
  • Mold damage remediation

Onalaska Restoration Services

The immediate initiation of home restoration services are crucial in minimizing further damage. At Service Restoration of Onalaska, we spring into action the moment we receive your call. For larger projects, we will deploy multiple teams simultaneously, ensuring efficient and timely service. We understand that many property owners initially attempt to handle the restoration themselves, unknowingly wasting valuable time before contacting a professional water damage cleanup company. The faster the action, the more contained the damage can be. Thorough decontamination is carried out if necessary, and irreparably damaged materials are removed from the property. Salvageable materials can be securely relocated and cleaned in our off-site facilities. The affected area undergoes meticulous drying with the aid of our cutting-edge commercial-grade equipment, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers. Our advanced equipment allows us to closely monitor the drying progress, accurately assessing when each area is adequately dry for timely removal.

As Service Restoration of Onalaska, we prioritize these fundamental steps in every restoration project. Drawing upon our extensive construction background, we offer a comprehensive one-stop shop approach that encompasses both drying and repair services for the mitigation projects we undertake.

During the water damage cleanup process, our dedicated team of restoration experts carefully documents and assesses the progress made. This meticulous documentation forms the foundation for developing a customized plan of action, ensuring a smooth and efficient restoration process to bring your property back to its original condition. Through property moisture monitoring, we can strategically remove equipment on a room-by-room basis as each area reaches industry-standard levels of dryness. This approach allows us to optimize the restoration process and ensure thorough drying throughout your property.

Call Service Restoration of Onalaska for help with your Water Damage Emergency!

Service Restoration is Minnesota’s top restoration specialist delivering reliable, consistent, and high-quality results for over three decades. Get in touch with us, 24/7/365, including holidays, if you encounter a disaster in your home or business property. Our well-trained, polite and understanding phone staff are on hand ready to take you to call any time of the day or night when you call; (763) 247-4655.

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