Pineville, NC – A Fantastic Winter Destination

Pineville, North Carolina is a charming small community located about two hours from Charlotte in the heart of Pineville, North Carolina. Pineville is a quiet residential community located about two miles from the airport, which is served by many public transit options including buses, taxi services, and the famous Transparent Bridge. The community of Pineville, North Carolina is also home to several businesses in the retail and service industries. The main industries are tourism, manufacturing, health care, and the entertainment industry Pineville is also home to many top-notch golf courses. Pineville is also the home of the annual Pineville Country Club, which has an impressive championship course. Learn more facts here.

Pineville, NC is known for its snow ski runs and has developed into one of North Carolina’s premier winter resorts with over thirty-five thousand visitors enjoying snow ski runs and five hundred chair lifts per day. Pineville is also home to two small resorts that cater to the ski lover in addition to snowboarding lovers; The Mountain Pine Knoll Resort and The Bear Mountain Resort. Both of these resorts offer luxurious accommodations, luxurious slopes, and access to some of the finest ski and snowboard resorts in North America. Read about The Awesome Attractions of McAdenville, NC here. 

Many North Carolina ski resorts have developed locations in and around Pineville, making it one of the premier winter destinations for both the intermediate to advanced skier as well as the beginner to expert skier. Pineville is home to three of the top ten ski resorts in the eastern part of North Carolina. Many of these ski resorts have additional facilities including shops, restaurants, and even condos for sale. There are also many shops in downtown Pineville, North Carolina, as well as a movie theater. Some of the shops include Boomer’s Bistro on Elm Street, which features local foods, local beer, and live entertainment.

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