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Ewing Junior is a great place to get an Adventist education. The educational opportunities that the teachers offer their students help them learn in a way that helps them grow in their understanding of the Bible and the practice of their faith. The Academy is excellent for students to broaden their knowledge of Christ, learn more about church history, and make lasting friendships.

Mrs. Durichek, The principal of the Ewing Junior Academy, contacted Service Restoration with a request to repair the school’s roof, which needed to be replaced entirely due to the damage produced by harsh weather conditions. The company immediately replaced the old damaged one with a brand new one. Now the school roof will not have to worry about storms for a while!

Job Information

Client Name Ewing Junior Academy
Loss Types Roof Damage due to high wind
Loss Date 4/14/2022 12:00 AM
Loss Category Commercial roof damage mitigation, cleaning and re-build
Inspection Date 4/15/2022 5:09 PM
Date Started 4/18/2022 2:15 PM
Total drying time 36 Days. 19 Hr. 58 Min
Completion Date 6/2/2022

Vendor’s Detail

Vendor Name Service Restoration Inc. - AR, Little Rock
Vendor Address 7821 Doyle Springs Rd Suite F, Little Rock, AR 72209, United States
Vendor Phone (501)-381-5440
Website Service Restoration Little Rock
My Business Page Service Restoration Little Rock GMB

How Service Restoration Repaired and Rebuilt Damaged Roofs at the Ewing Junior Academy?

Heavy winds brought about by storms left the roofs at the Ewing Junior Academy damaged, and the area below flooded, and they had to seek professional help from emergency damage mitigation services, Service Restoration Inc.Service Restoration suggested and implemented solutions to repair and replace damaged roofs, and clean up affected areas.

Ewing Junior is an Adventist academy that imparts both spiritual and academic knowledge, allowing students to grow physically, and socially. Ewing Junior has been happy with the quality of services offered. Service Restoration Inc are professional damage mitigators that work with state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled professionals to offer emergency services for water and fire damage.

Service Restoration is a professional damage mitigation company that uses standard procedures to deal with floods, storms, fires, and biohazards.

Strong winds can bring about heavy rainfall and cause significant damage. So, you will have leaking roofs in no time, where water drips onto the surfaces below, causing flooding. However, what’s more, worrying is that they could get worse over time – especially if left unattended, making it inconvenient to stay in the building. However, expert disaster management companies such as Service Restoration Inc design and execute plans for restoring water-damaged buildings and facilities.

The academy looks forward to working with the professional damage mitigation company again after seeing their work.


Strong winds brought about by storms left the Ewing Junior Academy with damaged roofing, where the rooftops came off, and rains lashed into the classrooms and hallways. The emergency required professional intervention, and the Academy consulted Service Restoration Inc.

Strong winds can bring about heavy rainfall and cause damage to building roofs, leaving the area below with floods. They can also get worse over time if left unattended, making it inconvenient to stay in the building.

So, you’ll need to call in expert disaster management companies such as Service Restoration Inc. These professionals design and execute plans for restoring buildings and facilities damages by strong winds and rainfall by following standard damage mitigation procedures and protocols.

1. Parkway Roof Replacement

Parkway roofs aren’t as sturdy as those installed on top of the building and are susceptible to damage by heavy winds and rainfall. So, replacing the roofs on parkways were among the first priorities and required careful planning, which, included standard roof replacement and damage remediation processes.

The experts must ensure that they consider and include everything in the plan required for smooth repair and replacement, including the tools and materials they will need and how and where to source them.

2. Roof Replacement


Replacing damaged roofing was among the top concerns for Service Restoration Inc, and the professionals handled it well with the help of careful planning and execution.

The Solutions

According to the plan designed by Service Restoration, the safe zone chosen for moving the affected items was the gym, and it took about three days to prep the area for removing the standing water and cleaning it up.

The professional water damage mitigation company used standard equipment for removing the water standing in the corridors, entrances, the main level, attic, church hall, and gym

They used different equipment for the different affected areas.


Professionals from Service Restoration used the following equipment in the first hallway to remove standing water and clean up.

  • Seven centrifugal air movers for about 175 days.
  • An air scrubber for about 36 days.
  • Two Dri – Eazy Lgr 7000Xli dehumidifiers, for about 19 days.

Main Level

Cleaning up the main level required using the following equipment.

  • Six centrifugal air movers for about 202 days.
  •  An air scrubber for about 29 days
  • Two dehumidifiers – a B-Air Vantage Lgr 2200, for about 14 days, and a Dri – Eaz Lgr 7000XIi, for about 12 days.


Attending to the attic required the following equipment.

  • 86 axial air movers for about 1406 days
  • Two billion – Air Vantage Lgr 2200 dehumidifiers, for about 28 days.

Entrance Hall

The professionals used five equipment to attend to the damage in the entrance hall, including:

  • 44 centrifugal air movers for about 879 days.
  • Two air scrubbers for about 72 days.
  • Two billion-Air Vantage Lgr 2200 dehumidifiers for about 28 days and a Dh Mfg 6500 for about 25 days.
  • Two Vapor Sharks for about 44 days.

Hallway 2

Cleaning up and dehumidifying Hallway 2 required using the following equipment.

  • Six centrifugal air movers for about 216 days.
  • Air scrubbers for about 36 days.
  • A Phoenix Drymax XI dehumidifier for about 14 days.
  • A Vapor Shark for about 22 days.

Hallway 3

Hallway 3 on the main level also suffered damage from the rainfall, and professionals from Service Restoration Inc, used the following set of equipment to attend to it.

  • Five Centrifugal Air Movers for about 132 days.
  • Two Dri-Eaz Lgr 7000Xli for about 19 days
  • A Phoenix Drymax XI Dehumidifier for about 12 days.

Church Hall

Cleaning up the damage in the Church Hall required using the following equipment.

  • 40 Axial air movers for about 559 days.
  • 13 Centrifugal air movers for about 455 days.
  • Two air scrubbers for about 72 days.
  • A B-Air Vantage Lgr 2200 dehumidifier for about 14 days.
  • A Dri-Eaz Lgr dehumidifier 7000XIi for about 14 days.


The following set of equipment was used to remove the standing water and clean up the gym.

  • 185 axial air movers for about 1734 days.
  • Six 2000 CFM Air Scrubbers for about 137 days.
  • Four Dri-Eaz Lgr 7000XIi dehumidifiers for about 47 days.
  • Eight Vapor Sharks for about 174 days.

The Scope

Service Restoration Inc has standard protocols for repairing and replacing roofs damaged by heavy winds and rainfall at the Ewing Junior Academy. The process involves assessing the damage caused, and the time needed to get things back to normal, not to mention the expenses. So, the following information is a vital part of the plan and its execution.

The Job

 Assessing the cause and extent of damage can be crucial for chalking out a plan and completing it. The task here would be to replace the rooftop that has come off due to strong winds, repair the damage, and restore the building. The damage done also extends to the classrooms, corridors, and other such places inside the building and is not limited to the roof alone. So, remediation involves removing rainwater standing in the classrooms and halls and attending to mold growth.


Since the roof has come off and has already rained inside the Academy, the professional damage mitigation company must work quickly to remediate the damage before it becomes a bigger problem.

Materials and Equipment

Service Restoration can use standard storm damage restoration and disaster management techniques to take care of the situation at the Ewing Junior Academy. The materials and equipment required may include: 

  • Protective gear (Gloves, masks, eye gear, etc.)
  • Sponges and cleaning cloths and solutions
  • Scrapers and peel-stops.
  • Plungers and vacuums.
  •  Roofing and filler materials.
  • Air Movers and Scrubbers
  • Dehumidifiers 


Labor also forms an imminent part of replacing and repairing wind-damaged roofs at the Ewing Junior Academy. The company may need to pay special attention to the workforce and cost.


The expenses incurred for repairing damaged roofs at the Ewing Junior Academy and restoring the building may include:

  • Material and labor charges
  • General and project-specific costs.
  • Overhead costs.

The Process

Repairing and reconstructing roofing damaged by strong winds is among the damage, mitigation, and restoration services that Service Restoration Inc offers its customers. The company will provide these services to Ewing Junior Academy as part of its emergency restoration services. The teams must respond quickly to the situation, attending to the damage, cleaning up the facility, and restoring it to its original state.


Service Restoration Inc follows the above mentioned processes to replace Ewing Junior Academy’s roofing and perform repairs and reconstructions as required. The customer will be more than happy with the results as these are standard procedures that almost all professional service providers follow for repairing and replacing damaged roofing.

The Academy will be operational after the professionals finish the repair and restoration processes, leaving the affected areas clean, dry, disinfected, and deodorized. Reconstruction will also restore any damaged items to their original states.

So, the Academy can count on Service Restoration Inc, to replace their roofing and perform repairs.

Roof Damage Repair – Commonly Asked Questions

Service Restoration employs certified and licensed professionals as technicians who are adept in different damage mitigation techniques. They follow set processes for each task, and their customers are more than satisfied with their results. These processes make removing the standing flood water easy and allow them to move affected items to a safe place.

High-end dehumidifiers and air movers help dry and disinfect the affected spaces and prevent mold growth.

Service Restoration technicians also take care of mold growth using standard tools and techniques before it can spread throughout the building, clean and disinfect the affected spaces, and remove damaged items.

Water damage in a house or other building can be detrimental as it leads to mold growth that can spread rapidly throughout the building bringing along various disease-causing germs and substances. Moreover, the dampness can adversely affect electrical equipment and circuitry, causing short circuits and electrocution.

The insurance claim process varies depending on the building, damage, and the method used to mitigate them, and owners may need to discuss how they can go about it.

About Service Restoration Inc

Service Restoration Inc is a fast-growing disaster management and mitigation company that offers a host of services, including:

  • Water and fire damage restoration.
  • Biohazard spill clean-up.
  • Crime scene clean-up.
  • Commercial water and fire disaster remediation.
  • Emergency management services.

As a renowned disaster management service provider in Minnesota, Service Restoration Inc and its highly skilled and qualified experts work around the clock to help customers with repairs and restoration. The professionals follow standard procedures for mitigating disasters that involve arriving at the sites quickly and without much paperwork.

The professional water damage mitigation company participates as an active member of organizations across the country, including Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI), and Better Business Bureau.

Service Restoration stands out in the disaster management field with its top-notch emergency damage mitigation services, having received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

As a proud member of four Chambers of Commerce, the professional disaster management and water damage mitigation service provider is a preferred choice for emergency situations for several renowned national insurance organizations.


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