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When faced with water damage, timing is crucial to ensure a complete recovery and minimize damage. Service Restoration helps by addressing all your water mitigation needs as soon as you call. Whether the cause is burst pipes from freezing temperatures or a sewage backup, our IICRC certified technicians offer water restoration and water damage repairs in St. Paul, MN.

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Service Restoration provides 24/7 emergency services to clean up and restore all types of water damage disasters for homeowners and business owners.

Saint Paul restoration services are offered 24/7/365 for emergency water cleanup is available when you need us most. Our team uses innovative equipment and up-to-date water removal methods to ensure the complete restoration of your home. When you work with the team from Service Restoration, we’ll make it our top priority to help your home recover as soon as possible.

We Work Directly with Your Insurance

Most insurance policies only cover flooding and water damage associated with accidents and no major storms. However, our professionals will help you by working alongside your insurance company to determine what type of coverage you have and how to file a claim. We have experience handling every part of the process and will even bill your insurance company directly.

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Types of Water Damage Cleanup

From leaking pipes to stormwater flooding, water damage can occur for many reasons, and Service Restoration is here to help you. We offer a wide range of water damage repairs and cleanup to restore your home. With our 30-minute response times, you can rely on our experts to manage your disaster quickly.

With help from expert local plumbers and our innovative expertise, we’re able to offer a wide range of water damage repairs, including:

  • Flood Damage Cleanup
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Water Extraction
  • Contents Cleaning
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Overflowing Bathtubs, Toilets, and Sinks
  • Cabinet Installations
  • Sump Pump Failures and Backups
St Paul Restoration Services and Repairs

When a pipe breaks or the dishwasher overflows, and you need restoration water damage experts, our professionals respond immediately to the situation in Saint Paul. With their knowledge and special techniques, our restoration water damage experts perform fast work of removing the water as well as any materials that may have gotten damaged. Once this has been completed, the restoration water damage experts work relentlessly to dry the area, disinfect and prevent mold. Following the dry out process, we offer reconstruction services to restore your property.

Why Choose Service Restoration

We’re available to help with your Saint Paul restoration service needs. Our specialists have the experience, training, and tools to get your property to its pre-damage condition. 

Professional Service That Shows

Our Certifications

IICRC – Institute of Inspection, TheCleanTrustCertified

GRP – Green Risk Professional Certificate #0000

RIA – Restoration Industry Association – Certified Restorer

CRA – Cleaning & Restoration Association

IAQA – Indoor Air Quality Association

Applied Thermography Training

Xactimate 28 Certified Level 3

Exceding the industry standard

What is the cost of St Paul Restoration?

Your situation is unique, but we ensure that you are charged fairly for the services we offer – using industry approved pricing. Our team will look closely into every detail and determine your water damage cost by considering the following factors.

Source of Water:

It is more expense to clean up a sewage backup than water supply line due to contamination.

Amount of Water:

More water means more damage, which leads to higher restoration costs. We do our best to minimize expense and secondary damage.

Size of Area:

It costs more to repair several rooms than just one.

Length of Time:

Water causes more damage the longer it sits, which drives up restoration costs. More materials get damaged as the water spreads and water can begin turning into mold in 24-48 hours.

If there is Mold:

Extra protection needs to be taken to avoid the spread of contamination, thus increasing the cost of restoration.

Amount of Reconstruction:

The amount of reconstruction and the materials involved will also increase costs as well.

5 Steps of the Restoration Process

Every situation varies, and there’s no one way of completing the water restoration process. First, it depends on which category and class your water damage falls into, which allows our team to execute a plan properly. However, our restoration specialists follow these same steps for every disaster to complete the water removal process.

1. Water Removal

A certified Service Restoration expert will start by removing water from your home. This prevents further damage and reduces the risk of mold.

2. Removal and Disposal

We’ll check your home for damaged items and dispose of the possessions that can’t be restored. We’ll ensure all damage is removed from your home, from drywall and carpentry to personal belongings and electronics.

3. Dry Out

Drying is an essential step in the restoration process, and it generally takes anywhere between 12 to 72 hours to complete. We use high volume fans and structural dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry out your home.

4. Disinfect and Deodorize

After your possessions are dry, it’s time to disinfect and deodorize your home. Our technicians will provide your home with a thorough cleaning that prevents mold and mildew from developing over time.

5. Reconstruction

Our experts will begin rebuilding your home. We’ll replace everything from drywall and cabinets to carpets. It’s our priority at this point to ensure your home is back to pre-loss condition.

Why Hire a professional for Saint Paul Restoration

Professionals have “been there and done that” when it comes to property damage. Hiring a professional will ensure the proper documentation is performed, pictures are taken, the right amount of equipment is used, and that the property is drying correctly. When you hire Service Restoration, your mind can be at peace knowing we have helped thousands of customers. Our trained and certified specialists, innovative equipment, and fast response times make getting restoration services convenient and straightforward. Call us today to learn more!

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About Saint Paul, MN

Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota. Located in Ramsey County and with an estimated population of 308,096 as of 2019, Saint Paul is Minnesota`s smallest and most densely populated county. Most of the city is situated east of the Mississippi River at the confluence with the Minnesota River.


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Certified Saint Paul Restoration Experts

You can rest easy knowing your water damage is in qualified hands with our team. Service Restoration is staffed with certified technicians who carry award-winning certifications in many areas, some of which include:

  • Applied Structural Drying
  • IICRC Certification with a Triple Master Designation
  • Journeyman Water Restorer
  • Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Our Saint Paul Restoration Process

How our Service Restoration professionals tackle your disaster depends on the source and the extent of the damage. Before we get started, we’ll follow our necessary three-step process to evaluate your damage.

Phase 1: Contact Call:  When you call Service Restoration, we’ll get you in touch with an expert right away. We’re available at any time to make an appointment and will arrive within 60 minutes if you need our 24/7/365 disaster services.

Phase 2: Introduction, Inspection, & Process Walkthrough: Once a certified technician arrives at your property, they’ll complete a thorough assessment by doing a walkthrough. Every technician is trained to check for excess moisture and water damage and establish a plan to alleviate it. Once the inspection is completed, we’ll provide the details of how we plan to bring your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Phase 3: Cleaning & Restoration: Service Restoration focuses on providing thorough and accurate water removal and water damage repairs. We use the least technology and industry-leading methods to complete every job with maximum efficiency. When you work with our technicians, you can have peace of mind knowing our team will restore your property correctly and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When services are being performed for your Saint Paul restoration, you may notice that the water removal equipment will be left running throughout. You may wonder – is this okay or should it be turned off periodically? The equipment is designed to run 24/7 to ensure that the best results are achieved in the least time possible. The drying equipment will be removing water and humidity while running. It is safe and approved to leave the equipment running all the time. Service Restoration uses commercial grade equipment for water restoration. Leaving our equipment running will provide the best results in drying your home or business. You also may wonder – is leaving the equipment running is expensive? The equipment used is designed for maximum energy efficiency while yielding proper dry out times. Delaying drying times will be more expensive and can cause additional damage.

Water damage can be devastating – heirlooms can be damaged, damage can ruin holiday plans, or art from your children can be water logged.  Some causes of water damages are within our homes – broken pipes, broken water supply lines, overflowing bathtubs, sinks, or toilets, etc.  It can be due to accidental damage or natural faults such as the bursting of pipes and poor drainage. Lack of maintenance to pipes in a home can lead to them breaking and flooding within the house. Natural calamities can also lead to water damage. Additionally, storms or flooding because of overflowing rivers and lakes can lead to water damage. Prompt action and quick response matters most. St Paul restoration services performed by Service Restoration are available 24/7/365.

House fire damage can be caused by a lot of things – space heaters, kitchen fires, garage fires, etc. Moreover, a house fire is known to cause a lot of damage to the property and items inside. Damages to the house are usually covered by insurance and replacement of things such as walls, flooring, siding, roofing, insulation, and more. Items and possessions can be covered by your insurance. However, this is all dependent on the company that you are working with. You should call your insurance provider to get all the information needed, but we are happy to assist and provide guidance to the overall process.

There is not a straight answer, but usually no! Water damage cleanup is a process that can take a long time depending on the severity. As the process is ongoing, most of our customers keep living in their homes or operate their business. Occasionally, the damage is so extensive that it becomes a hindrance to the process if occupation occurs. Some insurance offers temporary relocation assistance. Some categories of water damage are not safe for individuals to operate a business or reside in during the cleanup.  Consulting with the team that you are working with is the best way to get a straight answer.

Water Extraction and Drying Services

Mold and structural damage can happen fast. Leading to even more problems. Our experienced water restoration experts handle all types of water projects. To include leaky pipes, mold, and even fire cleanup. Call Us Today for all your water damage restoration needs. We offer emergency services in Saint Paul.

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