The Top Best Restaurants in Minneapolis, MN

The unspoiled love for good food in this part of the world is worth reckoning. Usually, you will see this by the many classy restaurants lined up across the city’s various streets. 

Minneapolis boasts of a perfect blend of cuisines from different parts of the world. You will barely miss a suitable restaurant for your preference, from the spicy Asian and Italian foods to Mexican and gluten-free foods. Interestingly, most of these restaurants operate throughout the day, meaning you will access them whenever necessary.

Hai Hai

Martina Café

If you love South Asian foods, Hai Hai will be the right eatery for you. It assures you of unrivaled cocktails and proximity to nature; this will be a suitable place for you to try fern cakes, dill fish, banana blossom salad, and turmeric fish. Further, it has an outdoor patio where you can relax.

Martina Café is your ultimate spot for South American food. They mostly prepare grilled seafood and pasta, and the delicacies here are irresistible. Besides that, this place is a perfect romantic getaway.

Grand Café

Well, there can never be a better place for you to try French food than at Grand Café. Savory chicken, caviar, and omelet are some of the few things you should try while here. 


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