The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina -Experience the Inspirational Story

“Treat the Lord with reverence, but treat your fellowman with the same respect.” This is a quote from the Book of Acts. The Book of Acts is about a time when Paul was preaching the gospel. There were many converts to Christianity all over the world and there were many churches throughout the world that worship God. There was no religion of any kind in the world at this time, so there was not one religion that had the ability to control other religions or even dictate which type of worship was performed. Learn information about Charlotte, NC here.

Because of the freedom of speech and freedom of worship, many people chose to do things differently and worship different Gods. Many times, a person would decide to worship the God of their ancestors, and then they would also decide to worship the God of their new-found friend. Sometimes it worked out well and sometimes it did not. So the question is, if everyone does something different, why is it that some people can actually get along and others can’t? This is where Billy Graham comes in. He came into a place where Christians are gathered and worshiping their own God, but there was an abundance of other Gods worshiped as well. Discover facts about The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte, North Carolina – One Of The Most Important Museum in NC.

It may sound crazy, but it is true, there were a lot of people worshiping other gods. Many times, people would have their own version of what God was. They would have different gods that they believed in and worshiped as well. But Billy Graham was able to change the way people worshiped and the way that people worshiped. Protection Status