The City of Belmont, NC – A Grand Retirer’s Paradise

Belmont, NC is a quaint little central North Carolina city, located about 9 miles from uptown Charlotte on I-40 and 8 miles from Belmont, NC on NC Highway 95. Belmont’s population has been consistently increasing over the years, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the Charlotte area. Belmont’s growth is fueled mostly by an influx of several hundred thousand immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America who have made Belmont their home since the early 1990s. Belmont has been successful in preserving its European-style heritage, especially its heritage in the form of Belmont’s Italian community. Learn information about Charlotte, NC here.

Belmont’s geography makes it an excellent place for tourists to visit because of its proximity to two major tourist destinations, uptown Charlotte International Airport. Belmont’s proximity to these important business centers ensures that Belmont receives a steady flow of visitors and retirees. The climate of Belmont makes it appealing to families with small children, who can find plenty of parks and other attractions in Belmont. Belmont’s cuisine is also popular, so the city is popular among people of all ages. Discover facts about Belmont – A True North Carolina Wonderland.

Belmont’s geography and ethnicity make it a good place for retirees to settle in North Carolina. Belmont’s ethnic diversity is evident in its large number of ethnic eateries such as Belmont Chinese, Belmont Indian, Belmont Greek, Belmont Spanish, Belmont specials, Belmont coffee shops, Belmont restaurants, Belmont craft breweries, and Belmont wine stores. Belmont’s demographics are also diverse, as the city is a majority-black city with white majorities in various areas throughout the downtown area, midtown, and south downtown. Belmont boasts a dynamic economy that includes several major employers. As more people move to North Carolina’s largest city, Belmont will surely become a thriving retirement destination.

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