The Education System of Minneapolis, MN

Look around Minneapolis, and the morning bus rides will tell how many students are in public schools. It is no secret that children in this city are hungry for education, and their desire to get it is evident. If someone were to be blunt with you, Minneapolis boasts of one of the country’s best education systems. 

This city comes with about 100 public schools, 20 charter schools, and 20 private institutions. Together, they serve up to 35000 students. This number consists of 45 elementary schools, seven high schools, seven middle schools, and eight individual educational institutions. Additionally, there are eight alternative schools and 19 alternative contract schools. 

Most public schools in this city have an impressive teacher to student ratio. This ratio is approximately 16:1 in 2020/21. However, some charter and alternative schools assure you of ratios that are as low as 1:1 or 1:2. Additionally, these schools boast of enhanced inclusion, with many students of color in the system. Typically, over 20% of the students are people of color.

Colleges and Universities

Various colleges and universities are within this city, providing enough higher learning opportunities. One of the most prominent institutions here is the University of Minnesota, which boasts over 50000 students. Augsburg University, Dunwoody College of Technology, and Macalester are some of the alternatives you could consider.

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