The Education System of Charlotte, NC

As you may know, the education system within a county is an integral part of creating a better and more intellectual society. That’s why any county must have a good and effective education system, both in the private and public sectors.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, which is usually abbreviated as CMS, is the local education agency. Its headquarters are in Charlotte, NC, and this is the public school system for the whole county of Mecklenburg.

It hosts 147,000+ enrolled students, making this public-school system the second-largest North Carolina school district. The CMS is also ranked the eighteenth largest school district in the nation. It has a total of 21 high schools, excluding alternative schools or “schools-within-a-school.” Moreover, CMS also operates a total of 32 middle schools and 106 elementary schools.

Colleges and Universities

As mentioned earlier, the education system ensures that society gets the necessary knowledge for a better future. Hence, the education system in Charlotte, NC, is fully aware of this and takes the necessary measures to ensure that their society is well-equipped with adequate knowledge.

And in 2016, the nine board members of the CMS all voted in favor of creating a magnet school program. This program’s purpose was to ensure that all the different socioeconomic groups were integrated as one. Such an action would see better results and improvements in the groups’ effectiveness.

The CMS school system is well known nationally for its respondent role landmark in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg vs. Swann decision in 1971.

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