The Education System of Little Rock, AR

Have you ever thought about peering inside the world’s most extraordinary? If you did, there would be a distinct tendency towards particular education systems. In brief, education systems have a significant influence on the life of every person. Fortunately, Little Rock boasts of one of the most incredible systems that you could ever desire. 

The education system in Little Rock highlights a rich blend of private and public schools. Here, there are up to 76 public schools that serve approximately 34.500 students. This number includes 18 high schools, 20 middle-college schools, and 57 elementary schools. You will also be sure of up to 26 pre-K schools. While 17 schools are chartered, 37 are private institutions. 

Did you know that Little Rock has one of the highest concentrations of the best public schools? With the student to teacher ratio at 14:1, education has never been more fun. As if that is not enough, its minority enrollment stands at the highest in the region. The schools here have a 73% minority group enrollment, which is close to double the average 39% in the area. 

Colleges and Universities

It will be fair to mention that this region boasts of up to 30 colleges. The University of Arkansas is the most outstanding institution in the area, priding itself on incredible enrollment. Other top-notch colleges include Arkansas State University, Arkansas Tech University, and the University of Central Arkansas. While the cost of education can be a little high, various scholarships are at your disposal. 

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