The Evergreen Nature Preserves in Charlotte, NC – Be One With Nature

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Evergreen Nature Preserve is considering one of the top ten national parks in the United States. The park is home to one of the most amazing natural habitats in the world and is considered a must see for any visitor to the area. The preserve consists of two different regions; the Lower River Watershed and the Coastal Plain. There are also several different wildlife species found in this area. You will find everything from the endangered black bear, to numerous species of birds, and a large number of fish and invertebrates. Further facts about Charlotte, NC can be found here.

The Evergreen Nature Preserves features five different trails, which range from moderate to challenging. These trails offer hikers many options for exploring the different sections of the area and can be used to reach a variety of different destinations throughout the area. The park features three different picnic areas and two different fishing piers. The park also offers a variety of guided tours and activities that can all be used to explore this incredible area. Information about Enjoy Your Vacation at the Carowinds In Charlotte, North Carolina can be found here.

For the best tour and activities you should contact your local travel agent and tour guide to find out what tours are available in the area and what the specific needs and desires are of each individual visitor. If you are looking to explore the many different sections of the park then you should know that there are various hiking trails that allow you to take an enjoyable hiking adventure throughout the area. The more experienced hiker may want to try the Appalachian Trail. This trail runs through the beautiful mountains and forests of North Carolina and provides hikers with amazing views and the chance to view a variety of different wildlife species that can be found in the area. If you have been thinking about taking up hiking as a hobby then you may want to check out the Cane Ridge Trail. This trail takes hikers to the most remote part of the area and gives them a chance to experience nature from the ground up. Protection Status