The Exceptional Variety of Activities and Attractions at Lake Wylie, in South Carolina

Lake Wylie, South Carolina is located on the eastern bank of the Ashley River. The lake is a reservoir that supplies drinking water to the town of Wylie. The lake was created by draining part of Lake Wylie Lake, which was one of the pre-1800s abandoned mineral mines. Lake Wylie lies in the footprint of the historic Ashburn Road Bridge, which served as the route from Beaufort to Charleston. More can be found here.

Lake Wylie lies to the east and west of Beaufort. The closest major East Coast city to the site of Lake Wylie and the Appalachian Mountains in Blairsville. The closest airport to Lake Wylie and the surrounding area is Beaufort International Airport. The lake is about an hour’s drive from the nearest hotel, restaurants, and gas stations. Lake Wylie, SC has been the site of some major car racing events, including the annual Bluegrass Spring Classic Car Rally held every March. Lake Wylie has a beautiful marina, which is used for small pleasure craft docking and boating. Lake Wylie, South Carolina is a small fishing town that sits on the eastern shores of Lake Wylie Lake, a lake, which was named after physician W. Gil Wylie in the 1960s. Lake Wylie is a reservoir that was originally known as Wylies Lake. It is now a town of Charlotte, North Carolina populated with retirees. Lake Wylie offers many things for those people who enjoy fishing or just lounging around on the waterfront. The Wylies River runs through downtown and has access to the Columbia and Salmon Rivers as well as the Smoky Mountain National Park. Learn more about What is There to Do in Huntersville NC? – “Ashley River Capital of the World”. 

Lake Wylie, SC is home to a variety of activities and attractions. The lake is popular with boaters and sailors alike, who take advantage of the many small boat and trailer rentals available. The beach at Wylie is also very popular, as are the amusement parks. Lake Wylie offers year-round fishing, which is supported by a stocking program for local fishermen. Also, the lake is one of North Carolina’s most popular freshwater habitats, hosting a variety of wildlife species, and supporting a wide variety of aquatic plants and animals.

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