The History of Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is a place whose history is worth appreciating. This place was founded in 1820, the same year the first building came up. Initially, the building was proof of the settlement of the first person in the region. However, within ten months, Little Rock was a fully-fledged town. In 1821, this small town became the capital of Arkansas. 

The first step to realizing this town was the establishment of the post office. This post office was under the leadership of a Postmaster called Wheeler. In 1825, the territorial governor of Louisiana allowed for self-governance in the region to suffice. That means the people were free to get whichever leader they preferred. Additionally, it meant parliament and court sittings would happen here. 

Little Rock, an official city

It was not until 1831 that Little Rock became incorporated and officially chartered as a town. This move allowed the first mayor, Matthew Cunningham, to take office the following year. 

Fast forward to the 20th century in the 1950s and 1960s. This town took various steps to grow the local economy, and business was the only way out. The intentional efforts to attract different investors meant that growth was inevitable. During this time, Little Rock Port Authority and Little Rock Air Force Base came into existence. Slowly, this community has engaged in different innovations that have spurred its growth over the years. Indeed, it is a town you should visit!

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