The Parks of Little Rock, AR

Little Rock is a vibrant city, and parks are quite many here. Here are some of the parks that you will want to consider.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Riverfront Park

You can hardly overlook the popularity of Pinnacle Mountain State Park, both locally and across the globe. Thanks to the various mountain and biking trails here, this place has proven to be an unrivaled choice for most hikers. This park will be suitable for those on romantic getaways or family bonding. 

From the quaint shops to the scenic river views here, you will readily fall in love with Riverfront Park. This place boasts of fantastic walkways and footbridges across the river. While at it, the sculptures and artwork in this place are an irresistible beauty. Riverfront Park is the best destination for lovers of art and nature. 

Little Rock Zoo

You cannot dissociate Little Rock Zoo with the beauty that Little Rock provides. This place is family-friendly, and it will be a favorite for your children. It brings you close to nature and beautiful wild animals. 

While at it, you will appreciate the various golf courses in this region. Some of the most appealing golf courses you will find include the Chenal Country Club and Pleasant Golf Club, which assure you of unforgettable golf experiences. If you are looking for a conveniently located golf course, the right choice would be Rebsamen Park Golf Course.

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