Visiting the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in Minnesota

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, also known as the McKinney Sculpture Park, is a public park within the City of Minneapolis. It was created by the late Minneapolis artist Frank Pietroni and is one of the largest and most comprehensive public sculpture gardens in the U.S., With more than two miles of the flowing river and lush landscape. The park is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Many local and international artists have worked in and on the gardens, which showcase works from nearly every medium, including concrete, clay, metal, glass, wood, iron, and concrete sculptures. You will find pieces that are recent in origin, but some of the older and more established artists have made guest appearances. Information can be found here.

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in Minnesota offers a variety of public programs, which include free admission and daily concerts. The garden is located on the banks of the Minneapolis River, so the view from the park itself is panoramic. Along with the sculptures, the park has a pond, fountain, garden beds, gardens, and many other features that provide both visual entertainment and relaxation. One way that people enjoy the sculpture garden is to spend a morning or afternoon lounging in the outdoor heated pool area. There are hundreds of different sculptures located in and around the various sections of the garden. Because the sculptures are all unique, it is hard to describe them in words. When visiting the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in Minnesota, you will see for yourself the breathtaking quality and uniqueness of each of the pieces. The garden is also home to many different types of birds and wildlife, including rare species. Throughout the year, there are also performances by local artists that are made available at the garden. See here for information about All You Need to Know About Mill Ruins Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In addition to the gardens, there are several businesses that offer tours of the entire grounds. If you’re interested in having something special to do while in town, consider making a day of it and visiting the gardens. You may end up coming home with a few new ideas for what to create in your own yard.

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