Woodford Green, NC – A Wonderful Place to Live

Woodford Green, NC is located in the heart of North Carolina, not far from Raleigh and Charlotte. This small community sits about two hours from Raleigh, NC, and about an hour from Charlotte, NC. Woodford Green, NC is known as one of the most beautiful places to live. This small town, with its beautiful scenery and friendly, outgoing residents will keep you coming back for more. Woodford Green is also home to NC State University, which is located in Raleigh, NC. Learn information about Charlotte, NC here.

Woodford Green, NC has many nearby towns. These towns and cities include Alamance, Black Mountain, Blairsville, Charlotte, Coniston, Farnham, Greensboro, Gun Barrel City, Lakewood, Marston, New Bern, Pine Knoll, Raleigh, Salisbury, Seven Devils, Wilmington, Winslow, and more. These are approximate driving distances in a radius around Woodford Green, North Carolina, from Raleigh and Charlotte. These cities are only about two hours from the closest North Carolina city, Raleigh. If you prefer to drive through the mountains, you can drive up to about fifteen miles away from Woodford Green. You can reach your destination quickly without having to spend much time on the road. Click here to read about Woodford Green, NC – A Trendy Town Offers Excellent Real Estate.

Woodford Green, NC is a charming place to live. You have everything you want nearby, including shopping, movie theatres, restaurants, and even a variety of shopping malls. You will find everything you need to keep you active and busy inside this small community. You can reach your destination quickly without spending much time on the road. If you enjoy North Carolina, then you will love living in Woodford Green, North Carolina!

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