Woodford Green North Carolina – Two Fantastic Public Parks You Should Not Miss

Woodford Green, North Carolina is a beautiful area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This part of North Carolina has a lot to offer visitors from tourists who are on a vacation, business people, and anyone else who might want to visit. Here you will find some of the most beautiful parks in all of North Carolina. They have beautiful walking trails, breathtaking overlooks, and several public parks that you can visit. Woodford Green is also home to several historical sites. Charlotte, NC can be seen here.

The first two parks are both within walking distance of each other. These two parks contain over one hundred and fifty acres of wonderful scenery for you to enjoy. The Riverwoods Park features many picnic areas, grills, playgrounds, an eighteen-hole golf course, a basketball court, and two tennis courts. The Greenwoods Park features the same types of amenities except for the golf course. There is also an observation tower near Riverwoods Park which provides great outdoor views of the surrounding area as well. Click here to read about Wildwoods, North Carolina – A Perfect Getaway For Your Weekend Vacations.

Woodford Green, North Carolina has a lot of local attractions. There is the popular Woodford Art Gallery which is two stories tall and houses over one hundred photographs, artworks, maps, and other items. The Art Gallery also features many different kinds of paintings by local artists, as well as prints. You can also check out the Riverwoods Camping site which has a picnic area, grills, swimming pool, and so much more. There are many other local attractions such as the Boomer’s Tree where you can view the Boomers as they leave their mark throughout the area. You can also enjoy a day at the Boomer’s Tree by enjoying the numerous waterslides and public swings at the nearby Riverwoods Park.

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