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Fire & Water Damage Cleanup in Waxhaw, SC

Water damage is one of the biggest problems that a person can face. Water damage can be caused by a lot of things. It could be excessive rains, burst pipes, flooding water from outside, and many more. When you are faced with water damage, it is vital to get it all sorted out in good time. Water damage can lead to health problems and the spread of mold on your premises. You should work with a professional company to get the best out of the services. In Waxhaw, sc, Service Restoration is the team that you can trust for the best services.

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Professional Fire & Water Restoration Company in Waxhaw, SC

Service Restoration is a professional fire and water restoration company. We know that these two elements can cause a lot of problems to our homes or buildings. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best restoration services possible. We have a team of highly skilled and trained people that will tend to your water damage restoration needs at any time. We work fast and swiftly to ensure that your home is back in tip-top shape. We have all the tools needed to make the fire and water restoration job a success. Do not hesitate to work with us for the best results.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

Service Restoration is a team that understands anything can happen. We work with all insurance companies, big or small, to ensure that you get services done conveniently and without having to spend out of pocket.

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Water Extraction & Damage Repair in Waxhaw, sc

Water damage can happen to us at any time. The flowing water can wreak havoc on our homes or buildings. The flooding water is usually tough to remove and a mop won’t do the job. The water usually sips through in the building and it can be tough to remove it from some surfaces and places such as under the carpet and many more. Service Restoration is the company that is willing to do this tedious work. We are proficient in water extraction and damage repair. We will remove every ounce of water from your home and ensure that all damage is dealt with.

Why Choose Us?

When getting water damage restoration services, you must work with a team that you are sure will deliver. Service Restoration is a team that has a wonderful track record in restoration services in Waxhaw, sc. We are a local company and do our best to ensure that the people of the city don’t suffer much from any water and fire damages. We have a wide range of services that you can choose from.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Waxhaw, SC

Fire damage can be very problematic. No matter how small the fire is, there is a lot of damage that can come to your home or premises. Fire damage can lead to smoke and soot sticking on the walls. Also, the fire can ravage various items or sections in your home. If you have been involved in a fire, Service Restoration is the team to call. We are a professional team and we will work fast to ensure that your space is back to normal. Any fire damage should be restored quickly and we work 24/7 to ensure that we are always available in times of emergencies.

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About Waxhaw

With a population of 9,859 as of 2010, Waxhaw is the third oldest town in Union County, NC. Its name has its origins in an Indian tribe that once populated the area.


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Professional Biohazard Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleanup Services

One thing that makes Service Restoration stand out is the caliber of our services. We have a wide range of services that you can benefit from. One of our unique services is biohazard cleanup and crime scene cleanup services. Biohazards can pose a lot of risks to our health and clean-up should be done by professionals. We are the team that will get it done with ease. We also offer crime scene cleanup for whenever the authorities have left the crime scene without tending to it. We offer professional cleanup services for our clients.

A Certified Restoration Company

When looking for a restoration company in Waxhaw, sc, you should work with a certified company. Service Restoration has 7-certifications including IICRC and CRA. Our certifications are proof of our excellent work and expertise in restoration services. With us, you are guaranteed the best job and satisfaction.

Flood Repair Made Easy With The Help Of Our Technicians

Floods usually come swooping into our homes and buildings. This can lead to a lot of damage. As much as we can feel compelled to start on the flood damage cleanup on our own, it is vital to work with professionals. Flood damage is very problematic and a proper assessment of the damage should be done before cleanup begins. Service Restoration has highly skilled technicians who will be there to do all the repairs and cleanup that are needed. We are an experienced team and have been helping people deal with water damage since 1997. Work with us today for the best results.

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Service Restoration is South Carolina’s top restoration specialist delivering reliable, consistent, and high-quality results to the country’s communities since 1997. Get in touch with us, 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays, if you encounter a disaster in your home or business property. Our well-trained, polite and understanding phone staff are on hand ready to take you to call any time of the day or night when you call; (980) 300-0360.

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