Biohazard Clean up Services

Complete Biohazard Cleaning Services

Exposure to foreign bodily fluids can be detrimental to anyone’s health and cause viruses or other illnesses. When your property has been subjected to an excessive amount of bodily fluids or waste, our team is prepared to help you. We take extra precautions to provide a wide range of biohazard cleanup services, including crime scene clean up, trauma cleanup, sewage cleanup, and more.

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At Service Restoration, we love what we do, and we believe in it. It’s not just Restoration to us, but a philosophy applied to every area of our lives. It’s just the service that’s made us successful.

Cleaning up after a crime has been committed is not for the weak of heart. It takes a trained professional to do this kind of work. Service Restoration has the right kind of technician to do crime scene cleanup. Our technicians are accustomed to doing difficult stressful work like cleaning up blood and bodily fluids.

Service Restoration technicians are qualified to handle difficult situations. They are discrete and are not surprised by anything they see. They know that they have to clean more than just meets the eye.
Crime scene cleanup is a meticulous time-intensive job. Leave it to the professionals and remove the stress from your life.

Our certified technicians have experience providing biohazard cleanup safely and effectively. We’ll show up at your home with the proper tools and equipment to sanitize and clean your property. We understand the emotional distress you’re feeling and provide our services at your discretion while respecting your privacy during this unfortunate time.

Complete Biohazard & trauma cleanup Services


We know that biohazard contaminants are risky to the people around us. We, disinfect the affected areas appropriately.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Our team of technicians will decontaminate and get rid of any tissue, bodily fluid, and blood that may have been shed after a serious crime.


We offer professional cleaning and decontamination services from sewer backups at your home or business. We care about your clients!

Hoarder Cleanup

Although hoarding cleanup is not a simple task, our professional and trained specialists know how to handle it appropriately. We have the tools to provide the best services.


We have trained technicians who are capable of cleaning blood spills effectively. We adhere to all the rules and regulations when cleaning the affected areas.

Emergency Management

Our team of technicians always perform their duties with a lot of empathy, love, and care.

We are always available to help. 

All Insurance accepted

Some insurance policies may cover biohazard cleanup. However, newer policies or those with smaller agencies may not. It’s essential to consult with your insurance company to determine the type of coverage you have. Our technicians will be happy to guide you throughout this process.

Why You Need Professional Biohazard Cleanup

While losing a loved one is already traumatic, cleaning up after their death can also be distressing. Additionally, coming into contact with bodily fluids, such as fecal matter and blood, can be harmful to your health. Our team has the tools, equipment, and training to safely and thoroughly clean up the scene without the dangerous effects of coming into contact with these bodily fluids.

Bacteria and viruses are present in bodily fluids and can pose several health risks or even death. If these fluids aren’t removed properly, they can cause lingering odors and insect activity in your home. To safely clean your home, close off the area immediately and call a professional from Service Restoration.

The Cost of Biohazard Cleanup

Every situation is different, and the cost of biohazard cleanup depends on your circumstances. We consider several factors that will determine the overall rate that we bill you or your insurance company. Factors include:
  • Size of the Scene: Are contaminants in one room or throughout the entire home? A small room costs less to clean than a whole house.
  • Length of Time: How long were these fluids in the home? The longer they sit, the more work required to ensure safe biohazard cleanup.
  • Amount of Reconstruction Do we need to replace a single door or an entire wall? The amount of reconstruction required after cleaning will determine the final cost of the cleanup process.

The Biohazard Restoration Process

Our team at Service Restoration follows a strict process to ensure your property is clean and safe long after trauma. This process includes:
  1. Specific Safety Protocols: You and your family’s safety is important to us, which is why we have specific rules in place to follow best practices that ensure the scene is immaculate and sanitized.
  2. Cleaning Up: Our team uses professional cleaning products and methods to remove any bodily fluids from your home. In some cases, removing doors or walls may be necessary to keep your home clean.
  3. Removal & Disposal: Any biohazard in your home will be removed and disposed of properly to ensure your full protection.
  4. Reconstruction: Once your property is safe, clean, and disinfected, we’ll begin restoring. The reconstruction process could mean replacing doors and walls or installing new carpets.

Hazmat Cleanup

The technicians at Service Restoration are experts at hazmat cleanup. It takes a great deal of training to be able to clean up hazardous materials. Technicians have to know and follow all the regulations set up by the EPA. This is not something that can be done by people without the proper training. Everyday employees are not legally allowed to clean up hazmat accidents. The EPA monitors compliance with their regulations regarding handling and disposal of hazardous wastes. They inspect facilities that deal with hazardous materials and review their records. Service Restoration technicians know the rules and know the importance of doing every step according to the law. One of the hazardous materials that the EPA regulates is asbestos. If a business has had damage to a building that resulted in asbestos fibers being disturbed, Service Restoration technicians have the proper hazmat suits and the information for cleaning up these materials correctly.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning up the area where a crime has taken place is a stressful job. After the police have completed their work, Service Restoration can provide specialized technicians who can legally perform a crime scene cleanup.
Human blood is considered a biohazard under the law. A biohazard is defined as any biological material that can pose a threat to your health. At a crime scene, you can expect to find human blood on the floors, walls, and items in the room.
Technicians from Service Restoration also know that other human body fluids are also biohazards and have to be cleaned up and disposed of properly. Human blood and bodily fluids are biohazards because they can contain lethal viruses, infections, HIV, hepatitis B, and salmonella.

Trauma Cleanup

Trauma cleanup is a lot like crime scene cleanup. Trauma cleanup differs though because even though someone has had a traumatic death, it doesn’t mean it was a crime, it could have been an accident.
So, in the case of trauma cleanup, you need to get professional help. Trauma cleanup will involve contact with biohazards. You will need trained technicians from Service Restoration to help you out.
There may have been an industrial accident that resulted in a lot of spilled blood. The first instinct is to clean it up, but it’s important to remember that there can be bloodborne pathogens. Without proper training, the cleanup person could catch any number of illnesses.
Another example is when a person dies alone. After the body dies, it releases all its bodily fluids. The trauma cleanup team will have to be trained in the proper disposal of bodily fluids. If the scene is not correctly cleaned up, there are health risks to everyone involved.

Sewage Cleanup

When sewage backs up into a home or office, this is another example of a biohazard cleanup job. Because of all the potential toxins in raw sewage, it is important to have a professional cleanup crew sanitize the area as quickly as possible. Service Restoration can arrive at your site within 60 minutes and begin sewage clean-up before anyone is harmed. Because we are on-call 24/7 365 days a year, you don’t ever have to wait to get a sewage disaster cleaned up. Raw sewage often contains human blood, hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus, tapeworms, and human papillomavirus. You need a certified, trained professional to keep yourself safe from catching a serious disease.

Hoarder Cleanup

You may not think of this as being a biohazard cleanup, but it is. There have been examples of hoarders who had rat feces all over their house, and this is clearly a biohazard. Other hoarders have had roof leaks that were not fixed for years so that everything in the house is covered in mold. Many hoarders have pets that leave urine and feces all over everything. If the hoarder cleanup is not done properly, people can get infections and respiratory illnesses from breathing in the biohazards. The technicians at Service Restoration are properly equipped and trained to make sure no one is harmed during hoarder cleanup. After they finish removing everything, they will make sure that everything is properly disinfected so that those who come in later will not be harmed.

Forensic Cleaner

Service Restoration has the proper personnel to perform forensic cleaning after a crime has been committed. A forensic cleaner is a technician who is proficient at applying scientific methods to investigating a crime. While our technicians are not detectives, they are capable of making sure they clean up any forensic evidence from a crime scene. A forensic cleaner from Service Restoration is skilled in finding blood and bodily fluids at a crime scene. They will find blood and body tissue where others won’t be able to find it. An expert forensic cleaner will understand the trajectory of a bullet and make sure everything along that line is meticulously cleaned up. Clients who hire Service Restoration for forensic cleaning certainly don’t want to be reminded of past trauma when they find something that wasn’t cleaned up properly. We are detail-oriented and thorough.

Blood Cleanup

Cleaning up blood after a crime is demanding work. It takes a person who has a strong stomach and a desire to restore things back to normal. Service Restoration prides themselves on their highly-trained technicians who are not afraid to tackle anything. Blood cleanup is considered biohazard cleaning because human blood can carry any number of diseases that can be transferred to a person who touches the blood or any blood products. It’s important to note that blood cleanup must only be done by a licensed biohazardous waste hauler. Service Restoration knows the laws about how blood is to be disposed of. In addition, the tools, cleaning cloths, paper towels and wipes, and containers used to clean up the blood also have to be considered biohazards and must follow the regulations for proper disposal. They can’t just be thrown out in the regular trash.

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