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When water takes over your commercial property, you need professionals you can count on to provide reliable and expert commercial water damage restoration. When you work with your local professionals from Service Restoration, we’ll begin the water removal and cleanup process immediately. Without immediate attention, your structure may start to deteriorate and face other damage, such as mold growth and unwanted odors.

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At Service Restoration, we love what we do, and we believe in it. It’s not just Restoration to us, but a philosophy applied to every area of our lives. It’s just the service that’s made us successful.

To ensure you get the help you need, the IIRC certified technicians from Service Restoration are available 24/7 to help you with all your restoration and repairs. We’ll respond within 60-minutes of your call to begin the commercial water damage restoration process as quickly as possible. We offer storm damage service restoration in Eden Prairie, Lakeville, Maplewood, Brooklyn Park and other locations in Minnesota.

The restoration of your facility is a top priority for us. We will remove the damaged areas and replace them with new, fire-rated construction. We can restore your facility to its original condition or make modifications to better suit your needs.

Service Restoration is true to its name because our highly professional staff are here for you 24/7; because accidents do happen and when they do, there is no other company you should trust more than Service Restoration.

When it comes to dealing with insurance claims, the process is often overwhelming – there’s an abundance of paperwork, forms to be filled out and lines of questioning that can get tedious for all parties involved. Fortunately, Service Restoration is here to make the entire process a little less stressful by handling your claim from start to finish!

Our commercial damage remediation Services

Water Damage Cleanup

We offer commercial water damage clean-up services to guarantee your business does not have to shut down. Contact us for help. 

Water Damage Repair

We understand how precious your business is, and we’ll go above and beyond to minimize damage and restore order as fast as we can.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Service Restoration can perform fire damage restoration on any kind of building whether it is stone, brick, masonry, or wood and vinyl siding.

Flood Damage Cleanup

We understand that flooding and water damage can be a terrifying prospect for home and business owners. 

Commercial Emergency Management

We specialize in Emergency Management with hundreds of commercial jobs completed.

Commercial Water Damage

Service Restoration has the right framework and equipment for any commercial loss large or small.

All Insurance accepted

When your business is faced with commercial water damage, you don’t want an added expense. Some insurance policies may cover damage associated with an accident. Our team will work closely with your insurance company or claims adjusters to determine your policy coverage. We’ll even bill your insurance company directly.

Types of Commercial Property We Cleanup and Restore

Why Choose Service Restoration?

Most commercial restoration companies can provide cleanup and storm damage repairs, but the team at Service Restoration goes above and beyond to help you. From our local estimates and personalized service to convenient appointment times and superior customer service, you’re sure to be in good hands with us

24-Hour Emergency Services

30-Minute Response Times

IIRC Certified Restoration Professionals

A Proud Locally Owned & Operated Organization

Verbal Estimates and Comprehensive In-Home Estimates

Exceptional Customer Service

Phases of Commercial Damage Cleanup

Every situation is different, and it’s up to us to fully accommodate your disaster by providing commercial water restoration services tailored to your specific needs. When you reach out to our technicians from Service Restoration, we’ll provide personalized services while following our process to ensure you receive the best service you deserve during a difficult time. We work following three phases:

Making Contact

We have technicians on call 24/7 to start the first phase of the process. A professional will take your call and arrive within 30-minutes of receiving it. We’re also available to schedule an appointment if our 30-minute response times don’t fit your business’s schedule.

Evaluating the Disaster

Once we arrive at your property, we’ll introduce ourselves and begin evaluating the damage immediately. We’ll check the damage’s size, what needs to be replaced, and start a plan to help your structure recover.

Cleaning & Restoration

When we have a plan, it’s time to begin the restoration process. We’ll remove the damaged property, clean and disinfect, and start making repairs. It’s our commitment to you to provide fast and efficient restorations for your business.

Commercial Water Restoration Process

There’s a six-step process the certified technicians at Service Restoration follow. To cover every detail, it’s essential to ensure each step is completed before moving on to the next. When it comes to restoring your business, we strive to provide the best and most efficient service we can.

Step 1: Assess the Damage: Our team will inspect the damage and provide a free, no-obligation estimate, and plan to restore your business.

Step 2: Secure the Property: This step may be completed if needed. We’ll board up or tarp your property to keep it safe from animals and vandalism.

Step 3: Water Removal: We’ll remove any standing water on your property.

Step 4: Disposal of Damaged Materials: We’ll remove and dispose of any damaged property, materials, or debris left behind.

Step 5: Drying the Area: We’ll use high-volume fans and structural dehumidifiers to dry your property. The drying process can take anywhere between 12-72 hours to complete.

Step 6: Rebuild & Restore: Once your structure is cleaned, disinfected, and dry, we’ll begin replacing the damaged materials. Our team will make the necessary repairs and ensure your business is back to its pre-loss condition.

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