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Service Restoration offers many Restoration Jobs, and we believe that fulfilling careers enrich lives. We are always searching for talented individuals to join our growing team!

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We are a leading Disaster Recovery Service specialized in water mitigation, water damage repair, water damage cleaning as well as biohazard and crime scene cleanup. We service multiple locations nationwide including areas in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconson, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Arkansas. We have been restoring peace of mind to homeowners since 1997 and we have helped over 20,000 customers. We believe in being transparent, thorough, and passionate in our work. We won’t settle for anything less than exceptional service.

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Paid Time Off

We know it takes rest to be at the top of your game! Accumulate your paid time off and take the time to physically and mentally recharge or cash out at the end of the year if would like.

Team Focused

We are firm believers in working as a team. From department to department, we support each other. Teamwork truly does make the dream work.

401k with a match!

We are firm believers in providing careers, not just a job. As part of that, we believe in helping our employees plan for retirement. Our 401k offers a company match!

Health Insurance Plans

Service Restoration provides all Full-time employees with a robust health insurance plan option. The Health insurance plan includes multiple options to fit your needs including dental, vision and life insurance plans.

Personal Growth and Development

We offer ongoing training with our in house and online training classes and we encourage our team to challenge themselves and grow within the company.

Industry Leading Pay

We value our employees and value what they bring to the table. We have industry leading pay to ensure our employees succeed in their personal lives as well.

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Investing in Our Team.

Our team is the core of our success. We foster an environment centered around growth, innovation, creativity and collaboration. Through a casual and inclusive work environment, we encourage our team to be free-thinkers and to challenge the status quo. We want our employees to grow personally and professionally through ongoing training, team outings, and new experiences.

Giving Back to the Community

The owner of Service Restoration has spent many years being active in the community and encourages employees to be involved as well. The company holds Saint Jude fundraising efforts where Service Restoration employees raise money and the company matches it dollar for dollar.

If you’ve been googling ‘water technician restoration jobs near me,’ you don’t need to look
any further! We are aiming to hire multiple water damage restoration technician. Here, you can join our team of experienced, professional restoration workers with backgrounds in various
When responding to a water restoration job, your main responsibility in this role is
repairing and restoring areas damaged by water and flooding. This generally involves
addressing the immediate damage, as well as any risks or hazards that come along with it.
You may be expected to remove or treat mold, rotting wood, rusted metal, bacteria growth,
and more.
Restoring fire damage can be a different matter entirely. You aren’t likely to be given fire and
water damage restoration jobs at the same time. Typically, you need to repair either fire or
water damage at the location of the incident. Fire damage restoration is often very touch-and-
go and requires that you respond to the incident as quickly as possible.
New fire damage is easier to repair, and the faster you respond to damage, the easier it is to
ensure the property retains as much value as possible. It’s also crucial that you keep
sentimental value in mind. Ultimately, when responding to fire damage, your role is to
preserve as much of the original structure as you can while making it safe to live and work in
As an employer, we can offer you experience in a field that is of crucial importance. Once
you have worked a number of water damage restoration jobs, you should be in great demand as a
potential employee. You are unlikely to struggle to find work again in the future with some
experience in this career. We do not expect applicants to have a college education to apply
for this role.
We expect that you are hard-working, responsible, and professional in your demeanor. Water
and fire restoration jobs involve a great amount of responsibility, so you need to be punctual
and respond well to guidance and directions. You have the opportunity for training and
development as part of this job, and you can expand on the number of services you can offer
prospective clients in the future.
If this sounds like something for you, feel free to submit an application with us. You can
contact us over the phone if you need more information about this job.

Are you a carpenter? Do you enjoy restoration work? Could you imagine yourself in a job
where you have the opportunity to repair items that are of great value to people? If so, you
should consider working as a project manager. Our company is on the search for employees to join our restoration carpentry team. First and foremost, we are looking to fill this restoration project manager job.

If you’ve got experience in restoration carpentry, there’s no need for you to google
‘carpenter jobs hiring near me,’ because we’re interested in you! We have a variety of
restoration carpenter jobs and carpentry jobs hiring at our location for experienced carpenters.
You don’t need to work with an agent to find work with us. We have a network of clients and
employers who can arrange jobs for you directly.

Restoration carpentry is a complex field and requires someone with skill and expertise. Each
day working with us as part of our restoration team is different from the next. Sometimes,
you can be part of a longer-term project. You may also need to join a restoration job where
time is of the essence, and it needs to be completed as soon as possible.
If you want to join our team, we expect that you are an experienced carpenter already,
including having relevant skills in restoration carpentry. You should be able to use a variety
of tools with ease. We expect that you are hard-working and punctual and that you enjoy
being challenged. This job can be physically and mentally challenging, so you need to be in
good shape.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like more information about this role. You can
visit our location for more information. If our office is too remote, please feel free to contact
us via phone to discuss. Do you feel like this is the perfect job? Then we’d love to hear from
you! Submit an application today, and someone from our team should be in touch shortly.

Do you love to clean? Are you passionate about public hygiene and safety? Our company has
a number of trauma cleaner restoration jobs open, and we are on the search for enthusiastic employees
to join our growing team. Trauma cleanup jobs can be complex and challenging. You are
required to have a thorough understanding of contamination control and disease management.
If you are experienced in cleaning, then this is an advantage when applying to join our team.
However, we can provide you with free training on the job. To employers like us, the most
important thing is that you demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm and that you use the
knowledge and skills you are provided with. You must also be hard-working, punctual, and
When you submit an application for this role, you must acknowledge that working within
trauma cleanup is not for everybody. This is a job that is physically taxing and emotionally
draining for some. We expect that you prepare yourself for these parts of the job prior to
applying. If you do not feel that you are suited to a job where you encounter the aftermath of
accidents and disasters, we ask that you consider applying to other employers.
The tasks our trauma cleanup team is required to perform are varied and diverse. This largely
depends on the trauma that our team is responding to. At this job, your primary responsibility
is making the area or location of the incident livable again as quickly as possible. This can
involve removing blood spills, suicide or homicide, accidents, or chemical leaks.

If this sounds like the job for you, then please feel free to submit an application. If we feel
you are a suitable match, someone should be in touch shortly to discuss the role with you

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