April Showers Bring Flooded Basements

April Showers Bring Flooded Basements

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What to do with a flooded basement

A lot of Minnesota Properties – Commercial and Residential – have basements. April Showers Bring Flooded Basements before the May flowers. Water soaks down into the ground and finds the path of least resistance. Was that path of least resistance your basement? Service Restoration has helped thousands in your position – literally. We are experts in drying out your property. We are locally owned and operated, with the technology and crews of a national corporation. 

Locally Owned and Operated

As a Locally Owned and Operated restoration company providing Little Rock water damage service, residents and property owners can rest easy knowing that Service Restoration is here. We use the most advanced technology and equipment to take of your property. We are not a national franchises but we have the equipment, team support, and technology of one. However, we are able to keep the local company feel and customer service for our customers. Our staff is available 24/7/365 for all commercial and residential losses. Learn more about our following services:

IICRC Certified

Service Restoration is proud to be IICRC certified. We know how to dry out your property the correct way. If you have had April Shower Bring Flooded Basements to your property, call Service Restoration to make sure it is done correctly the first time. While we can’t stop the water from coming in, we can make sure it is dry when we leave. Any firm you hire for the services listed above should be IICRC certified, as it’s an industry standard.

Why hire a professional?

Calling Service Restoration will put your mind at ease. We will begin mitigation will begin right away. Service Restoration offers Content Cleaning and Restoration and can move your contents to a safe location for restoration and cleaning, if needed. Commercial grade equipment and trained professionals will care for your belongings, with the care you deserve. Using commercial extractors, we will remove water as fast as possible to minimize further damage from occurring. Many property owners try using a “Wet Vac”, but find out quickly that it is time consuming to empty the holding tank. After the standing water has been removed, unsalvageable flooring and damage to the walls will be removed. The amount of damage will be different at each property and each loss.  Again, we will remove any unsalvageable materials that will slow down the drying.

Service Restoration will set commercial grade drying equipment to stabilize and begin removing moisture from the air and property. Property owner’s will sometimes try to use spare bedroom fans and/or an extra basement dehumidifier to do it themselves. However, that equipment is not designed to quickly and efficiently dry out a soaking wet property. Thus, the “residential grade” equipment does not have the required air movement or moisture draw required to dry out your property and avoid secondary damage. Read more below:

Drying Equipment - Commercial vs. Residential

  • Home dehumidifiers often remove between 20-30 pints of moisture per day
  • Standard oscillating fans have roughly 1,850 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air movement
  • Commercial Grade Dehumidifiers remove upwards of 120 pints of moisture per day
  • Commercial grade air movers have over 2,800 CFM

Usually, multiple air movers are needed per affected room. There is a science behind the equipment counts used, although extraneous variables can create deviation from that formula. The amount of dehumidifiers per room or per job again depends on the size of the loss, extent of the damage, layout of the property, and the drying conditions. This is something that can’t be googled or explained over the phone, because we can’t see the extent of the damage or how the property is laid out. Be wary of companies that tell you it’s a one size fits all approach. The drying process is based on size of loss, amount of damaged area, and layout of affected rooms. 

Next, Service Restoration will monitor the drying process, using moisture meters, to make sure the property is drying down effectively. As areas become “dry” according to industry standards, equipment is removed. It is not unusual to have equipment run longer in some rooms than others, due to multiple variables.  

Immediate Help for your Flooded Basement

April Showers Bring Flooded Basements before the May flowers will pop out, but the sun will rise again. We know water damage is not always easy to mitigate and we know it’s stressful. We constantly improve our processes to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Our recommendation for you is to find a company with experience and a great reputation because you and your property deserve it. We work directly with your insurance provider to eliminate billing headaches. We are ready to help you get back to normal living conditions.

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