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Black mold can be a dangerous problem for homeowners, potentially leading to extreme health risks and costly professional removal. There are ways to remove black mold safely and effectively on your own without risking the health of your family or the value of your home. However, there are certain situations where a professional is best suited for the job.

Here are some criteria that help outline where to draw the line:

When it is okay to clean black mold on your own

  1. If the mold covers a small area
  2. If the mold grows on easy-to-clean surfaces such as glass, metal, tile, tubs, sinks, etc.
  3. The mold is growing-on-hard to clean surfaces, such as carpet, but are easy to remove and replace if done properly
  4. If you have no existing health problems that could worsen through exposure to mold

If you have concluded that you can safely remove the mold on your own, here are the steps:

  • Locate and remove the source of moisture. Mold will likely reappear if leaks or persistent moisture are not alleviated.
  • Seal doors and openings leading to other areas of the home with heavy plastic and duct tape.
  • Wear a black mold removal approved face mask or respirator; cover all areas of the body to avoid exposure to mold spores.
  • Use a sponge and soap to remove visible mold. Lightly spray water if the area is dry.
  • To disinfect the area, use commercial black mold removal products.
  • Place all sponges and equipment used in a garbage bag and remove from the area.

When to call a professional for removal of black mold

  1. When areas of mold show up in several different places at the same time
  2. If the mold occupies a very large area
  3. If you have attempted to remove the mold on your own, but it is persistent
  4. If you have health issues such as allergies, asthma, an autoimmune disease, or other respiratory conditions
  5. If you can smell the black mold, but cannot locate the mold
  6. If the moisture/mold has caused structural problems

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