Minneapolis Apartment Reconstruction

Minneapolis Apartment Reconstruction

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Apartment buildings often have many tenants, which unfortunately increases the amount of opportunities that damage can occur. When damage occurs to one unit, it can spread to other units. In this case, the unit above had a water damage loss that spread to the unit below. This is precisely what happened and why multiple service lines were needed to perform this Minneapolis apartment reconstruction. The scope of work included:

  • Moisture Mapping
  • Procedural Water Damage Drying Services – water extraction and drying
  • Reconstruction of damage units
  • Tenant and Complex coordination – ensuring equipment is not disruptive to current tenants and scheduling contractor work times
Service Restoration | Apartment Rebuild | After Water Damage Drying
Service Restoration | Apartment Rebuild After Water Damage | Kitchen Progress
Service Restoration | Apartment Rebuild | Water Damage Kitchen | Final
Service Restoration Apartment Rebuild | Water Damage | Kitchen and Living Room

Due to the water damage that occurred, during the Minneapolis Apartment reconstruction, Service Restoration was able to provide additional recommendations. By customizing the angled pantry, a lucky resident is offered more storage space. Additional new features are the customized ceiling border detail. Disaster can sometimes mean opportunity and the property management company utilized our full service teams to make sure they completed the work correctly the first time.

Loss Event: Water Damage

Source of Loss: Kitchen Sink Leak from unit above

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Services Performed: Water Damage Dry Out and Reconstruction

Type of Property: Commercial – Apartment Complex

Service Restoration has helped thousands of customers – commercial and residential. From all of those loses, our experience has become unparalleled. Fast response times, friendly staff, and high quality work continues to differentiate our services from our competitors. We will be there when you call and help to minimize secondary damage from spreading.

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